Leadership Training materials by: Apostle Paul Kofi Agyekum Founder and presiding Apostle of victory outreach church.

APOSTLE AGYEKUM2APOSTLE AGYEKUM——————————————— Key passage :1Timothy 6:20-21 Introduction : We have a responsibility to maintain and protect the establishment churches or ministries.we are co workers with Christ Jesus, whatever God does on earth, He does through us and for us. Not everything that comes from may stay or be established, if co workers failed to play our role to work hard to maintain what has been entrusted to us on earth. Therefore because of the serious implications of allowing any genuine church to colaspe, it is important to study biblically why there’s reason to work hard with all his strength to maintain the churches, no matter what happens. It good not established a church,than to allowed the church to collapse. Now the following are the biblical reasons why we should not allowed any established ministry or church to collapse or destroy.

Reasons : 1. For the sake of God’s intergrete and faithful of his word concerning his church. Matt 16:17-18 John 15:16-17 Matthew 3:13-15.we are all God’s workermanship

2) In order not to feel wasted and West our resources, effort and strength in vain, it is very important for any member of any church or minister to consider hard work to maintain that particular church. 1 corinthians 2:30 1 corinthians 15:58.some may be encouraged even to join another church.

3.inorder not lose what we work hard for ,that is the precious souls who have accepted the faith and been established in that particular church :1 John 1:9-10.God has destiny a specific place for each of us to stay and to complete our salvation peaceful .

  1. For the sake of our reputation , respect and shame in the presence of outsiders. Poeple outside, may not respect and take us serous for not pursuing to achieve our vision because of the collapse of the church. Colossians 4:4-5

5 .The leaders may find it very difficult to stay as ordinary people in their next churches,because of position they have enjoyed before. Especially those who were officially ordine as ministers in that .

Conclusions : For the sake of five basic reasons and implications stated above, I wish and pray that no church or ministry, either small or great should be allowed to collapse. All churches may not be the same in terms of numbers and grace and we should compare and shame of working in what seems to be small church. Even in the early some churches were small churches , who were meeting in their homes. Romans 15:1-9 Romans 16:1-2,3 Thanks and stay bless From Apostle Paul Kofi Agyekum Founder and presiding Apostle of victory outreach churches. Incase of any special counselling on ministry please call me on 079- 845-87480

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