The Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Party (NDP) has chided the leadership style of President John Mahama, saying, it is everything but innovative.

Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings says the situation the nation finds itself requires a leader whose thinking goes beyond conventional solutions to the many challenges facing Ghana.

“As a nation we cannot settle for better while other countries are reaching for the best with innovative leadership,” she said.

The NDP leader disclosed this when she took her turn at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) Evening Encounter with Presidential Candidates ahead of the December 7 polls.

Sector by sector, the former First Lady of Ghana walked the nation through what she intends to do when voted for as President of Ghana.

She believes the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) has abused the mandate given it to transform the nation.

According to her, aspirations of Ghanaians to have job security, a thriving economy, a transparent and accountable government and availability of quality education have fizzled out because of the poor performance by the current government.

This, she believes is a breach of the contract Ghanaians signed with President Mahama when he was given the mandate in 2012.

Tax system:

She says her first focus as President of Ghana would be to review the tax system of the country which she says has put an unnecessary burden on Ghanaians and businesses.

The NDP leader says over-taxation has proven counter incentive to production and productivity in the economic life of a country.

“No country has ever developed through over taxation and as a nation, we should be considering reviewing our tax system,” she said.

The NDP leader, said she will change the tax system to reflect the economic situation of Ghanaians.

Mining sector:

Mrs Rawlings was unforgiving with the way the government is handling the mining sector of the country.

She says the unregulated nature of the sector has robbed the countryof millions  of cedis which could have been used to put food on the table of impoverished Ghanaians.

She says an NDP government will establish a gold refinery to ensure that no gold leaves Ghana unrefined. She believes this will create direct and indirect jobs for the teeming unemployed youth and save the country some money.

National Development Planning:

Mrs Rawlings says the way the government handled the street naming project in the country was never the best.

She says the “haphazard naming of the streets” which began by naming streets already with names has  brought some challenges to businesses because they have to change their letterheads, tax forms, and bank forms to reflect the changes.

She says the best way to have handled the project was for the government to empower the Town and Country Planning Department to involve residents in the implementation.

She believes an NDP government will prioritise its people by listening to their fears and hopes and implement policies that rekindles the confidence of Ghanaians in their government.