Don’t Beg Satan For Money And Fame – Rev Owusu Bempah

Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah, General Overseer of Glorious Way Chapel, an Accra-based Christian prophetic ministry, has advised Ghanaian musicians and film makers to rather exercise patience and rely more on God in their search for money and fame instead of consulting other mediums, as the consequences are horrific.

“I am pleading with Ghana’s celebrities and stars who want fame and money to exercise patience, to rely more on God and wait for God’s own time even as they continue to work hard. There are some of them who are in a rush for money and fame so they consult all manners of occult spirits, deities and satanic spirits. Some even sell their soul to the devil.

“When you consult bad spirits to become famous, they take something back from you. It is not for free. Such consultations of false spirits come with terms and conditions. When you forget to obey such rules, they strike you with diseases and strange sicknesses which lead to death and other horrifying experiences,” Rev Owusu Bempah told NEWS-ONE.

He continued…“So I feel stars and celebrities should rely on God alone rather than consulting such familiar spirits for fame and success. Have you not heard of people who go in for money rituals and they are told they would die in a few years? Some even have to sacrifice their mother, their child or their own body parts just for money rituals.”

The popular prophet was responding to a question from the paper regarding the rising number of celebrities who have died this year.

At the threshold of 2016, Rev Owusu Bempah told his congregation that the year would be plagued by the death of celebrities. Indeed, quite a number of Ghanaian names from the showbiz sector have passed on this year.

“As for death, we shall all die one day. But some of the deaths are preventable and those are the ones we have to do something about. There are some celebrities, and I said some, not all, who consult all sorts of evil spirits and this brings curses on them and on their industry or people who associate with them because the devil do not give anything for free.

“Some even send their CDs to all sorts of places where evil spirits are consulted to help in the sale of the CDs. The problem is that Satan can give you fame and money when you ask for it but it is never for free. Satan would not make you a star without taking something valuable from your life. Some of the deaths are because the people did not take their health seriously, some are pure accidental and some are very preventable just by praying to God and doing the right things,” Rev Owusu Bempah reiterated.


Rev Owusu Bempah suggested that apart from the need to live healthy lifestyles, there is an urgent need for celebrities to take the ‘God-factor’ and prayers seriously or continue to die till end of the year.

“I also feel that at the beginning of every year, the various groups in the entertainment industry should nominate representatives to go to a good church and intercede on behalf of their members. They can go to any good church they believe in for example Assemblies of God, Church of Pentecost. It is a matter of faith.

“It could be either at the end of the year or at the beginning of the year. Their various associations of musicians, producers, actors and the rest should send representatives to go and intercede on behalf of their members. Pray for God’s mercies and protection and the deaths would cease. Pray against the spirit of accidents and premature deaths,” Rev Owusu Bempah mentioned.rev-isaac-owusu-bempah-750x406

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