They claim that one of the good leadership achievements of Dr Kwame Nkrumah who became the leader/President of Ghana for 15 years

peter-antwi, from 1951 to 1966, was the fact that Nkrumah did not Build any House of his Own in Ghana. In order words, Nkrumah did not steal Ghana’s money to enrich himself. Nkrumah lived in Gov’t properties throughout his Life till he was overthrown. Meaning, Nkrumah was not materialistic.
Now, if ones father dies, and leaves a house for him, and he decides to live in that same property, improve upon it and own more other properties in Ghana. Can any rightful thinking person questions as to why the person decided to live in the same house that his father left for him? Doesn’t this rather depict a picture of one who has been brought up in a good family to take ownership and good care of inheritance handed over to him?
Even in Bible, the Wealthy man called Naboth lived in his father’s property that was left for him and refused to give that inheritance away to King Ahab, when the King of Samaria impressed upon him to take hos property from him.
In fact, Naboth said to King Ahab, that “May the Lord forbid that I should give you the hereditary possession of my ancestors.”
In my vuew, this is the type of person to leave good inheritance with. In fact, Naboth could have exchanged the property for whichever better one as the King promised or he could have sold the property for cash and misuse it, but Naboth refused to give that away to King Ahab for anything worth the same.
That is what I see in Nana Akufo-Addo, for deciding to live in his father’s house and improve upon it and own more. This shows a leader who will not just get up one day and start selling the States properties to friends and family members as a President of Ghana.
I see Alhassan Ayariga’s comment questioning why Nana Akufo-Addo still lives in fathers house but not in his own built as a comment coming from an insane person.
In fact, I see any person who leaves his political party that he was made the Flagbearer, and immediately after leaving, sets up his own party to become unopposed Flagbearer of his party, as very treacherous, opportunistic and very dangerous person.

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