Chatham House Will Be Disingenuous To Award Charlotte Osei.

There is a-fortiori argument to counter Charlotte Osei’s nomination for an intended prestigious world-class Chatham House award, as against the frivolous argument advanced by NDC surrogate CenProg that only talks about her mulierbrity, occupying the position of Ghana’s Electoral Commissioner. She is a woman, and indeed occupying a very high office, which is worth celebrating, our Chief Justice is also a woman, and indeed of a very high repute across the world. We are here in this discourse, dealing with integrity, not the sexuality of the person who occupies what office.

It may be accurately recalled for the attention of Chatham House, that Great Britain has been acclaimed as pioneers and champions of democracy and rule of law. British democratic establishment dates back to the days of the Magna Carta on 15th June, 1215. Rule of law, and its accompanying institutional transparency have since been the guiding principles and driving force behind British success in their ages old democracy of constitutional Monarchy. It is upon this well posited principle that Kings and Queens have either abdicated, or been forced to abdicate, based on malfeasance. Consequently, attempts by any person or group of persons to derail the smooth course of British democracy have been mercilessly dealt with. Such traitors have included Christopher Cromwell, Guy Fawkes, etc, who were hanger for attempting to destabilise British constitutional democracy.

The Brits, and most advanced countries do not hesitate in setting up commissions of inquiry to investigate into cases, incidents, and events, whenever they are suspected to have been involved in scaldulggery or any other forms of manipulation as is likely to cause disrepute. Such inquiries have taken their turn on sports, unexplained deaths, and injuries, to say the least, and appropriate punishment or remedies have thereby been provided.

In Ghana especially, and in many developing countries, such inquests are seldom done. If President Mills’s death, of all cases as President, had happened in the UK, an inquest would immediately be constituted to establish not only his cause of death, but also all other surrounding circumstances, including how his body was abandoned in a pickup truck in the yard of the maternity ward of 37 military hospital. Almost 5 years on, and there’s no mention of an inquest, neither by the previous nor the present government. It is therefore not strange that cases of electoral fraud have not been investigated, but that does not mean that they haven’t happened, so for that matter, Ghanaians must be taken for granted.

Ghana’s 2012 Presidential elections ended up in the Supreme Court, proceedings of which the whole world watched on television. The outcome of the judges’ decision was obvious, in regard to Dr Afari Djan’s confession to a bloated voters register, his so-called “classical” version of over voting, as against the ordinary meaning of over voting, and many more. Such misconduct of a public office holder, let alone a Commissioner of Elections in the UK, would not be tolerated, and would be treated as a punitive …….. offence

British democratic disciplinary principles have been very uncompromising; this has accounted for the reason why most countries around the world have been enamoured to Western democracy, and have shed their governing principles for democracy, of which Britain is a trailblazer.

Charlotte Osei took over from Dr Afari Djan, and woefully enough, she brought in no new changes, but continued with the same putrefied and stinking rot that Dr Afari Djan had created and left off.

Amongst the gravamen brought up against Charlotte Osei’s nomination for a Chatham House Prize by AFAG were her mixture of obstinacy and contumacy with which she scornfully treated our Supreme Court Judges’ orders and recommendations for electoral reforms.
Charlotte Osei was so orgulous in her official capacity as Chair of the EC that she was indeed an autocratic dictator on Ghanaians, and on members of the Commission that she chaired. She was a Monarch of all she surveyed. There’s currently a case of conflict of interest that is sizzling up, and will soon be launched against her, plus many others that are tantamount to official malfeasance.

Most of the few reforms that she adopted came about because the then party in power, the NDC had obviously given in on them, yet not until after a lengthy unnecessary mudslinging logomachy had been exchanged.
Charlotte Osei was therefore all out and full of mischief to indulge in electoral manipulatory conduct that was calculated to make NDC’s John Dramani Mahama win the 2016 Presidential elections at all cost.

Worst of all was Charlotte Osei’s frenetic efforts she made in a bid to disenfranchise most voters in the Ashanti Region, which is the strongest hold of the ruling NPP.
Charlotte Osei purposefully delayed releasing the official results for the Presidential elections, in the hope that her claim to the EC’s computers having been hacked into and jammed would be resolved, until her favourite and preferred candidate, John Dramani Mahama finally threw in the towel. This obviously necessitated Returning Officers physically carrying their constituency and Regional collated results to Accra, and in attendance of all party representatives, which was no less a success.
In any other country other than Ghana, such wild allegations by nobody but the Chair of the EC would be given forensic investigatory treatment.

UK waded into the argument and controversy over the Trump/Clinton Presidential election results with the speed of light, alleging Russian hacking mechanism into the computers of the US electoral system, with accusations against Trump. This notwithstanding, Britain and Chatham House have kept mute over overt attempts by Charlotte Osei to rig Ghana elections to favour John Dramani Mahama. Is this hypocrisy, or disingenuity?

Ghana is no less a country that is discerning in making governance choices. We have moved from British Colonial rule; we’ve struggled for self-government; we have achieved independence; we have attained Republican status; we have gone through coup d’etats, occasioning acknowledging three Republics, and now in a 4th Republic. All these have come about at heavy human costs of the highest magnitude. We have adopted Western democratic models that capitalise especially on the rectitude of its appointed offisers. Therefore, no more are we Ghanaians ever prepared to revert into political and governance chaos of the yesteryears, and this vow has been expressed decisively and unequivocally through the ballot box.

This will of the people has prevailed, yet not without intended impediments schemed by Charlotte Osei, as Chair of the electoral commission.
Charlotte must be seen in the light of a bias and prejudiced refree, whose preferred team have lost power, energy, and strength to play and score goals. This refree has exhibited all biases and prejudices before, during, and after play of the game.
Currently, there is an ongoing cold war between Charlotte Osei and most of her colleague members of the Commission, unless of course they have resolved issues between them.

I have written this piece in my capacity not only as a dedicated patriotic and peace-loving Ghanaian, I am a card-holding member of the ruling NPP. I hereby challenge any member from the NDC surrogates, particularly CenProg, to prove me wrong, and to do so with a stronger cogent argument that makes Charlotte Osei a qualified candidate for this prestigious Chatham House award.

I further wish to suggest to Chatham House that, whereas we Ghanaians esteem British democracy, and its democratic institutions highly, we least expect them to indulge in any form of theodicy and forbearance of evil and malfeasance, such that if we do not guard against, can reverse us back into the dark olden days of wandering in political wilderness.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa

Whispers from the corridors of The Thinking Place.

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