Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork in all the school canteens of a Montreal suburb. The mayor of the Montreal suburb of Dorval has refused, and the town-clerk sent a note to all parents to explain why. Here’s that note:

“Muslims must understand that they have to adapt to Canada and Quebec, its customs, its traditions, its way of life, because that’s where they chose to immigrate.

“They must understand that they have to integrate and learn to live in Quebec.

“They must understand that it is for them to change their lifestyle, not the Canadians who so generously welcomed them.

“They must understand that Canadians are neither racist nor xenophobic, they accepted many immigrants before Muslims (whereas the reverse is not true, in that Muslim states do not accept non-Muslim immigrants).

“That no more than other nations, Canadians are not willing to give up their identity, their culture.

“And if Canada is a land of welcome, it’s not the Mayor of Dorval who welcomes foreigners, but the Canadian-Quebecois people as a whole.

“Finally, they must understand that in Canada (Quebec) with its Judeo-Christian roots, Christmas trees, churches and religious festivals, religion must remain in the private domain.
The municipality of Dorval was right to refuse any concessions to Islam and Sharia.

“For Muslims who disagree with secularism and do not feel comfortable in Canada, there are 57 beautiful Muslim countries in the world, most of them under-populated and ready to receive them with open halal arms in accordance with Sharia.

“If you left your country for Canada, and not for other Muslim countries, it is because you have considered that life is better in Canada than elsewhere.

“Ask yourself the question, just once, “Why is it better here in Canada than where you come from?” ‘A canteen with pork’ is part of the answer.”

EXEMPLARY. Share this to PROMOTE TOLERANCE in the world. This is what should be adopted by all countries

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  1. Salute to you MR.MAYOR…theyre NOT obliged to eat Pork..they are free to eat what they eat..theySHOULD ADOPT to their HOST COUNTRY THEY NOW CALL “HOME “NO demands to make at all..respect GOES BOTH ways…MORE BACON PLS…

    1. pork no x-mas in schools / lords prayer // what’s next

      maybe trudeau could pay the bill for all of this

      I just don’t get this guy ???

      1. Phony or not, it’s exactly the kind of post that should be publicised far and wide. It is fair, non-discriminatory, eminently sensible and reflects, in a non-hostile way, just what most host countries populations believe. We all know that there are many nasty, inflammatory racist posts around, but this isn’t one of them…it’s very reasonable, expresses a tolerant and sane point of view, so why try to put it down?

  2. You have a good mayor. About time someone said what we all think. Our kids have to eat halal meat our country is so stupid scared to say what should be right.

    1. This is a phony story adopted verbatim from a phony story about a mayor in Belgium refusing to ban pork. You halfwits fell for it. You are as dumb as a bunch of cattle.

      1. Phony or not, it’s exactly the kind of post that should be publicised far and wide. It is fair, non-discriminatory, eminently sensible and reflects, in a non-hostile way, just what most host countries populations believe. We all know that there are many nasty, inflammatory racist posts around, but this isn’t one of them…it’s very reasonable, expresses a tolerant and sane point of view, so why try to put it down?

  3. Wonderfull ,really wonderfull !
    THIS is the right and civilised position for EVERY country frum Europe .
    Any other answer to the muslim immigrants it’s a risk to become criminal for the local inhabitants

  4. Finally, a Canadian Politician who has big enough “Kahunas” to express what most Canadians want to, but are too afraid or too politically correct to say what has been said here. Canada gives you the freedom of choice, which certainly does NOT exist under Sharia Law. KUDOS to this Mayor. Hopefully are Federal Politicians can grow some “Kahunas” and express the same to ALL immigrants. TRUDEAU and his IMMIGRATION MINISTER…. WAKE UP…

    1. Why have you deleted my comment…..i have the right to be posted …..and you do NOT have the right to remove it…….

      1. That, right there, is a common misconception. You have the freedom of speech, but under no circumstance are anyone obliged to act as a stage for your voice/opinions.

  5. Kudos to the Mayor of Dorval. Well thought and well explained. There should be more of you to uplift the canadian way and rights. Immigrants should put in mind they are the one needed to adjust not the country they chose to live in. And Canada is all in that please never abuse the right what was given to us by the canadian government by trying to push their luck.

  6. The explanation of the mayor is not precise. Thinking the reason about the health pyramid or any dietary restrictions and not about immigration.
    It is so simple question 1+1 =2 and not 11.

  7. Some sources say that this news is hoax, but how ever every word about what muslims should, is very true and that should be told to them in every western country.

    1. But if the news its not true, then we should consider that the same applies to the demands of the muslim community on Montreal and they as any other immigrant are adapting and happy to say that Canada is their home. When we judge and sentence by the thought of “what if” then we are not truthful, open or better.

  8. Excellent reply! Factual – welcoming – but also firm in the fact that every choice made brings with it a need for personal adjustments to new circumstances. And having such choices is a privilege and deserves respect for differences.
    The migrant adjusts, the host accepts and gives time to adjust. That is how it works. Having lived in Christian, Hindu, Confucian and Buddhist countries and very often visiting Muslim countries, I know what it takes to show respect to the local culture. If that is not acceptable, the migrant should stay home or make different choices.

    1. I am an Icelander, living in Iceland.
      Your answer to the Arabian Sharia Customs was entirely R I G H T!
      Some of my ancestors emigrated to your great Country, more than 100 years ago, and they were welcome there.
      My self, I have come to Montreal, Goose Bay, and Newfoundland, as a
      crewmember, in the old days (1953-1973) so I know a bit about Canada. and I know that Canada is, indeed, Good, Great Country.
      Wishing you all well, and thanks for all the hospitality I received during my flying time. My love for Canada. Magnus Agustsson.

  9. Very well said. Particularly the part of where they have to change and adapt to the country they immigrated to. Applause and kisses to that mayor.

    We’ve never asked them to change their religion when they arrived because ‘freedom of religion’ is a human right. However what a lot of Muslims seem to forget is that it works both ways, we’re just as entitled to our religion as they are to theirs. It’s a little crazy to expect the country they immigrated to, to change for them. That’s not being racist.

    However, I’m ready for the hate comments that are about to come my way where people will call me that exact word, “racist”. Becuase it’s the only defense they have.

    Have a lovely day readers!

    1. Naaa i am a Muslim living in dubai i agree with you. We have restaurants, bars even supermarkets that sell pork. I completely agree no one is forcing you to eat it. If there is pork in the canteen as long all the food isn’t cooked in the same oil or utensils its all good. That’s the way they should have asked. There shouldn’t be any hate towards you and if there is just ignore theybare nothing but ignorants. Nobody has to change their belief or way of life. Just respect it. It is as simple as that. I wish you well. Have a wonderful day.
      Regards 🙂

  10. I agree with this Mayor 100%. You move to our country Canada then you go by our rules and quit demanding to change our way of life. We allowed you here, now start appreciated that and stop your religious demands as they are not ours.

  11. I totally agree with the Mayor…….if Muslims don’t agree ….then they should pack their bags and family up….and….go back to where they came from….This is my land and we are not going to change for them.

  12. I cannot agree more with the response. I respect all faiths and absolutely endorse the statement that religion and their rituals should be personal choices that are bounded by the walls of your home or prayer centers. They have no place in the community that one has adopted. Out there, imbibe the culture you have embraced to move to, choose not to follow what your faith prohibits but don’t expect them to imbibe your way of life.

  13. Kudos to the Mayor! Canada is right in every aspect of respect and tolerance such as this!
    Canada is what it is now because of this and no group of immigrants who ran away from their country and enforce their ways and culture when they arrive in a country who welcomed them with open arms..they cannot act as spoiled brats but must respect that country’s laws and traditions!

  14. As a Muslim born Turk living in Geneva, Switzerland I fully support this decision of Canadian Mayor. I, particularly like the sentence reading “there are 57 beautiful Muslim countries in the world, most of them under-populated and ready to receive them with open halal arms in accordance with Sharia.

    None of those 57 Muslim countries accepted any, any one, Syrian refugees so far.

  15. “Muslims must understand’? They won’t. They go by the Koran. They put Sharia Law above any and all Canadian law.

  16. I could not agree more. Thank you Mr. Mayor. If you choose this country as your home then respect its cultures. people coming to Canada and welcomed by it,s people should not expect Canada to abide their customs rules and religion. You are free to practice your them with in your homes and places of worship etc. but it is wrong to try to enforce them on the rest of the country. This has nothing to racism but is merely respecting the Country that accepted you and made you feel welcomed. You now have a relatively safe place to grow and raise your children. Enjoy your new freedoms you are blessed and welcomed.

  17. A beautifully written correspondence ,how true they must adapt to our way of life not us to them ,as the premier of Australia said “if you don’t like it go back where you came from”

  18. I am a vegan and although I would love to see no animal products ever served, I have to agree with the mayor here. When adopting a country other than your birthplace it is upon the new immigrant to adapt and honor their new land. Just as it is not my privilege or my right to change others who agree with my veganism it is up to me to believe what I will and accept how others choose to be also. Only in this way can we all one day, live in harmony with mutual acceptance and love for all.

  19. This is what all non-Muslim countries should be expecting. It is the height of arrogance, cheek and lack of appreciation for immigrants to try to control those who are, in effect, giving of their own means to support them. Instead of gratitude these insufferable people are crying infidel and threatening to bully by numbers to introduce sharia law. Our democracies make our countries tolerant and no strangers have a right to ruin what good, God fearing people have fought and died for. Let those who would be traitors to our countries go back to where they hailed from. Lastly, the immigrants to our countries need to apply themselves so they can support their own families. Their family should consist of one husband, one wife and children.

  20. I agree totally. If we go to other countries we must conform to their ways. Canada is a great country, we love it, if they want to stay then conform to our ways. If you do not eat pork. Dont eat it but most canadians do eat pork.

  21. I think “a canteen with/without pork is an irrelevant issue” would have been more apprppriate. But I love the general theme.

  22. It is about time that we as Canadians take the necessary steps to protect our values and customs that makes this beautiful country the best place to raise our children and live for ever.
    When Canada allowed turbans to be part of the RCMP and Police Departments’s uniform, it sent the wrong message, now some groups would like us to convert our system to something close to what they are now running from.
    If Canada is not good enough for them, they were also given the right to leave any time they want…

  23. I’m a Muslim and I agree with the mayor 100%. I’m from Singapore diversity and respect are our strength.

  24. Wow, i like that. That is a strong logic.they are like cancer cell. When they grow in number, they start making mosque. This is the uniting point. When they become citizen, they think they are untouchable. They threat for vote.where ever they go, they always try to make it like themselves. Same way they did in England, France, Belgium, Germany everywhere. Now you can see,what is happening!!!!!!!!this the way,they think someday they will convert the whole world into Muslim. Stop building Mosque.they have to learn adaptation, nobody put a gun on their head to stay. You don’t like, door is open …….sad when America will realize it. All policy makers worry about vote bank. Think for next,next-generation. Still not too late.

  25. Finally someone in authority is speaking out. I think Canadians have been thinking and talking about this for many, many years. We welcome everyone in Canada and will love and support all who come here, in peace. But do not come here and try and turn Canada into where you came from. You came here for a reason, respect that reason and respect our culture, as it stands. 🇨🇦

  26. Great letter…but they did not come here for our freedom and way of life. They came here to dominate and they will not leave. They will keep coming until they have the numbers and then they will change our way of life. If we want to preserve our way of life we must stop muslim immigration and shop the ones we have now out.

  27. Bravo it’s about time someone speaks up, Immigrants not all but many come to our Country and refuse to learn the language and our customs. We should not have to change our beliefs, our fathers and forfathers fought in the war for our rights. So again mr mayor bravo more people should speak up I applous you/

  28. Firstly Islam is not the only religion forbids pork, Judaism and even some Christian churches like the Etheopian Orthodox and Coptic, in addition to many religions who forbids eating all meat at all like Hinduism.
    Many other people do not eat pork for health reasons or even personal preference.

    Secondly, anyone who is not from the First Nations is an immigrant, and there are many Canadians who were born here as Muslims, Jews, Hindu, Sikh or even Athiest.

    Many of those people could say go back to the ‘Christian Europe’ if you want to impose your views Mr. Mayor, but they won’t because they are all proud to be Canadians who beleive in Diversity and respect for others’ personal preferences.

    We are in 2017, look forward don’t look behind!

  29. So, what is the point of putting Justin Trudeau’s picture on your article? How about the proud picture of the Mayor who is the subject of the article? Or is there meant to be a subtext?

  30. Complete CRAP ! Neither Jews or Moslems wants to eat pork and there’s a reason for it. A SCIENTIFIC reason.

    SAVE MONEY and WAISTLINES…improve your children’s chance in life…GO VEGAN FOR SCHOOLS IN ALL OF NORTH AMERICA ! (see The China Study, Forks Over Knives and THE PURPLE CARROT ! )

  31. I wish Australian mayors and politicians have guts to say this to muslims who have no respect at all for Australian culture and values! Well done I applaud your decision!

  32. Well.. that could’ve been more tackfully put. I honestly believe that this issue doesn’t actually have to be a religious or even a culture problem. No, there is no good reason for them to remove pork from the canteen, it’s cost effective and people eat it, but willing to be ass accomadating to their religious diet needs as to anyone gluten intolerant or vegetarian is such a better way to handle this. Providing an easily prepared, non-pork alternative would be both welcoming and ‘tolerant’.
    – love your average kitchen worker

  33. My hat is off to the Mayor……you have a right to eat what you may but if you can’t adjust to our way of life then there is one right that we will not get in you face about and that is the right to LEAVE and go back to where you came from.

  34. Very well what we need to have people understand were a culture too taking notes down for when i get in the path of politics

  35. I have to disagree…and, I am hoping that this is a false statement…not because of the Muslim faith, although when the communications are sent in a demanding way, can understand the answer being hard-headed. I would like to ask “are there any Jews living this this community?” I don’t eat pork, but I would hope that there was some effort to offer an alternative. Either that or I would bring my own lunch and I don’t consider myself radical at all. Just living in a modern world as a modern Jew…wanting both and following the teachings of my Mother.

  36. Some immigrants leave their country of birth to come here for a better life and opportunity, but they bring what they left behind and expect to go on living the same way they did. Assimilate, you guys. ASSIMILATE!!!
    Good for this Canadian mayor!

  37. What does your sentence, “Your comment is awaiting moderation,” mean? What needs to be “moderated” or changed to fit in. I said what I mean.

  38. Albert
    August 1, 2017 at 9:42 pm
    It’s a nicer way of saying “Get the hell out!”

    It is not in any way saying get the hell out. It is a way of saying that they people should live with the choices they make. The choice was not forced on them.

  39. In islam it is against the will of allah to listen to music too, are they going to demand the destruction of all radio stations etc next?
    Why? Because music can cause you to have emotions. Thats where the lady veil comes in, when a man sees a pretty woman he will become arroused, hence girls from the moment they have their first period must wear a veil, so that “men cannot feel arroused”……pretty retarded way of mansplaining the ways of islam.

  40. While “Christians” have the mental freedom to de-brainwash ‘Religion’ from their daily lives, “Muslims” are still choking under the yoke of Islam. Men who wanted power created Christianity – no different with Islam. We in the ‘West’ have long ago broken that yoke and understand that NO RELIGION has any ‘right’ to control our minds and bodies. Islam will get there eventually but it takes generations. Like the man said, there are many other countries that subscribe to the Islamic Faith that they can go to. Kindly book your flight, we will help you pack.

  41. I do agree here along with everyone. I was born here, my kids were born here, went to school here. This is my country, my land. I worked here, paid my taxes here, kept my country free. I fought for freedom so that all could enjoy life. Many of my relatives gave their lives so we could be secure in this land. You came here to live had no more country so therefore do the same as I did. Keep your language learn ours, keep your way of life learn ours, You owe us, we do not owe you. You are lucky to be free and alive to bring up your families to be allowed to dress as you wish, You have no right to change us To change us, judge us our laws, our way we live but to be a part us THIS IS CANADA BE PROUD TO BE A PART OF IT IF NOT leave go back to your home back to your culture your land or live amongst us in harmony.

  42. This would be a great story if it wasn’t completely fabricated. Search it on the interned and you will finds comments from the mayor who denies this ever happened.

  43. It’s not a true story. It’s fabricated fake news. There are several articles of the Dorval mayor denoting this ever happened. As a Dorval résident I know this to be false

  44. Such a sensible letter!! I L O V E IT!!! THANK YOU, SIR!
    Viva, Mayor of Laval for your national pride, protection of our traditions and culture; common sense and support of generous Canadians!!

  45. The mayor of dorval is correct in what he is saying, it’s not a question of being
    Pregedus it’s just right. You come to another country you adopt their ways as all
    Have in the past. Thank you.

  46. Very well said!!! i am an immigrant and there are things I might not agree with in Canada, but I am not about to start a petition to change it. Most immigrants have left their country to find a better life where there is freedom and openess. If you are an immigrant and don’t like it, go back to your country to see if you do better there!

  47. I agree with The Mayor….Leaders of Muslim Community are Simply Idiots and should be removed for speaking on behalf of Muslims….I am Muslim and would not like to change any thing in North American Way of Life or Culture and love the Freedom of Speech and Religion….Muslim kids should bring their own food in school or Just skip lunch all together if ONLY pork is being served. They can drink milk, Cookies and Juices…

  48. no pork the right to fgm on young women // beat their wives // no xmas in schools // kids don’t do the lords prayer in our schools out west

    if Canada is that bad of a place bye bye hope you do well else were

  49. I agree With the Mayor, Yes We Except All New Comers And They Chosic To Come To Canadia For Their Freedom But Your Have To Addept To Our Way Of Living If Not Then Go Back to Your CountryWe Welcome All But Live The Way We Do If We Went To Your Country We Have To Hearn Your Way Of Living All I Have To Say. Thank You, Mr. Mayor For Speaking Up

  50. This is a HOAX, you fools – check “my website” for more information.

    The image originates from a different context: ://

  51. Bravo Quebec and I hope all the other states.
    I can see the mess in france with the north African Muslims.
    When in Rome do as Roman’s do or get out.
    That is my advise .

  52. Bravo Quebec!! Muslims are not required to eat pork, just to be TOLERANT of other peoples taste for it. I grew up in a strictly Kosher house. I now have what I call a pork deficit…I can’t get enough of my wife’s Pork Chops. The secret recipe includes lots of onions while sautéing and adding a half cup of strong coffee in the last 5 minutes of cooking..YUM.

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