Critical Thinkers International(CTI) has come across an article on Peacefmonline titled ” NHIS Card Registrants Will Not Be Deleted – EC”, in which the Electoral Commission(EC) has declared that it is not going to delete the National Health Insurance Scheme(NHIS) Card registrants from the existing Biometric Register during its Exhibition Exercise because the Supreme Court(SC) did not order it to do that in its ruling in the case of Abu Ramadan and Evans Animako Vrs the Electoral Commission and the Attorney General(AG).

Seriously, we hope this story is a false one which is not coming from the quarters of the EC as it is being made to be believed in the media because if it is indeed true as stated in the media then the EC is PUSHING “STUPIDITY” and therefore should put a stop to it at once.

Actually, CTI has carefully studied the verdict of the SC on this case through its thorough analysis and assessment, and we can confidently say that the declaration of the EC with respect to the SC’s ruling on this matter is very contrary to that of the orders of the SC.

In fact, the SC ordered that since the NHIS card usage as a National Identification Card for registration was constitutional before the Abu Ramadan’s case at the SC made it unconstitutional, it has as a result made the stay of such NHIS card users during the 2012 Biometric Registration in the existing Biometric Register unconstitutional and so, the EC should as a matter of urgency clear all such NHIS registrants from the register during their exhibition exercise but after, they should give them the opportunity to re-register after they have provided the appropriate documents as proof as eligible voters in Ghana.

The above explanation of the ruling of the SC with respect to the NHIS registrants in the existing Biometric Register is not confusing but rather very clear, so clear a Primary One Pupil can easily understand and interpret it.
So for any person especially grown ups whom are most lawyers to deliberately twist this for a reason best known to themselves is only a proof of an act of a PUSH OF “STUPIDITY”.

CTI see it as an act of a PUSH OF “STUPIDITY” by the EC because of the PEACE THREATENING NATURE of this action of theirs and below are our reasons;

1. As a state institution just like all other state institutions in Ghana, the EC should be the first regarders and respecters of the laws of the land so that they can be a benchmark for the enforcement of the laws of the land on the private institutions, citizens and immigrants in the country.
Their disregard and disrespect of this verdict of the SC just as the Bureau of National Investigation(BNI) did with respect to the three South Africans’ ruling by the High Court will only do none than breed subsequent disrespect and disregard of the laws by other state institutions, private institutions, immigrants and citizens in the country and through that turn the country into a land of confusion, chaos and lawlessness.

2. Their disregard, disrespect and intentional twist of this ruling will only be seen as a cheat by the parties that feel the actual ruling went in their favour and through that might bring about confusion between the EC and such parties.

Finally, to help clarify this issue so as to help take away these noise and madness which has started on the airwaves and at all corners of the country, we will encourage Abu Ramadan in his pursuit of dragging the Chairperson and all the other six commissioners of the EC to the SC for contempt of court, for their refusal to implement the orders of the SC and through that also get a better clarification of this order, else CTI will take it upon ourselves to get same thing done at the same venue for the good of mother Ghana.

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Hhhmm, may God be praised always


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