BEKWAI CONSTITUENCY RELEASES PRESS STATEMENT ABOUT ECs EXHIBITION EXERCISE The youth wing of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) have as a matter of urgency released a press statement on the national Exhibition Exercise taking place in all the 29000 polling stations accross Ghana.

In what they see as something that may be ‘deliberate’ on the side of the EC, they have listed numerous incidents in most of the polling stations in the Bekwai Constituency in the Ashanti Region to buttress their claims ranging from Double Registrants, people alive tagged as dead, among other distasteful incidents.

Full Statement :

The current posture of the EC in conducting a free and fair election this year is completely in serious doubt. It is sad when a few bunch of intellectual dishonesty creatures try to subvert the good will of the masses due to their parochial and personal aggrandizement. Typical of an African referee, the so called EC which should otherwise have served as an arbitrator is now dinning and singing the same chorus as our rival–NDC.

Folks and well meaning patriots and Ghanaians, aren’t you surprised that thousands are deemed as DOUBLE REGISTRANTS in Bekwai Constituency alone on allegation of having taken their first registration in 1980 when in fact, their mothers had not even met a man in their lives? Can you fathom how an 18year old registrant might have taken his or her first registration in 30 years back?

Again, how on earth can someone who registered and voted in the last two major elections i.e. the 2012 General elections and the just ended local assembly elections have his or her name criminally expunged from the register and will have to undergo through hectic process to file for inclusion at the district court though the person never registered with NHIS?

In any case, millions will never turn up for this exercise since it is not binding or compulsory. However, if the person travels a far distance to vote on the election day with a valid voter’s ID card issued by this so called commission only to be told that his or her name is not on the voter’s register, then I think it will be a BIG SCANDAL which repercussions can only be predicted by a sooth sayer, Prophet Obinim and the likes.

Furthermore, what baffles me is why a person who is alive and personally had interactions with at ASANSO PATASE will be deemed as deceased and intentionally be deleted from the register though the person was in their market buying pepper for the evening’s light soup yesterday. May I ask folks that, can a ghost buy hot pepper?

I have visited about 70 polling stations together with the other constituency executives and must state that, it takes the courageous heart to remain in stable condition after witnessing what the EC is cunningly doing just to bring back oppression and suppression in this fourth republic.

This is a clear case of intellectual masturbation and educational lesbianism which has no integrity in our current political and democratic lives. I strongly believe the party is still building a strong case and our leadership is up to deal with the issue with all the necessary attention it deserves. As AZUMAH NELSON once Said, ” let’s battle in your bedroom with your wife as referee and children as spectators and I’ll still beat you”

let’s tell President Mahama that, no matter the tricks, Nana Addo is going to be the Leicester City in the English Premiership, will be Portugal in Euro Cup and will be Joseph in the Bible to work for Ghanaians.

This should motivate patriots especially the youth to rise up for change, work harder and shouldn’t be social media politicians alone but must be seen on the ground. Those in the rural areas who are going to decide our fortunes have no iPhones to see what you post. Let’s sacrifice now or never.

NANAB3BA THE BATTLE IS STILL THE LORD’S Ibrahim Boabeng Youth Organizer Bekwai 0240432357

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