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ayarigates the ayarigas….

We thought his brother, Ayaricough was a “disaster” in the body politics of Ghana, but it has now emerged that we were completely wrong as Ayariga himself, has amply proven to be more disastrous than the hitherto, disastrous Ayaricough. So I ask, what at all is wrong with the Ayarigas? Today, if they are not Ayari coughs, then they are Ayari lies. Aba!
Haven’t we had enough of them?

For Ayariga, otherwise known as Ayarilies to think that any sane Ghanaian would believe his cooked story on the bribery allegations against the person of Boakye Agyarko, is the greatest insult on Ghanaians. To believe him, is tantamount to believing that indeed NDC as we speak, is still in a comfortable lead and cruising to victory after the 2016 elections. Or better still, is like believing that God does not exist.[Subhaanallahi!]

What on earth would make any sensible person pay bribe for something he would get anyway? Even a madman won’t contemplate that. Yet, Ayariga wants us to believe that a great personality like Boakye Agyarko, the Energy Minister designate, whose enviable accomplishments are incontestable, would stoop so low to want to bribe the Minority members of the Appointments Committee to clear him, even though they are NOT in a position to prevent him from becoming a Minister anyway. Such poverty of a logic!

I do not want to dignify his mendaciously pathetic claims with any consideration except to say that, I’m happy the whole of Ghana has seen how much a liar he is. He has not only been exposed by some of the members as well as the chairman of the Appointments Committee, but more importantly, the person he claims, gave them the bribe and for that matter his star witness, Hon Muntaka Mubarak, the Minority Chief Whip. Certainly, it couldn’t have been more embarrassing than this.

You would also by now know that, Parliament has issued an official statement rubbishing Ayariga’s allegations and describing same in unequivocal terms, as “frivolous and vexatious”. Again, his entire claims have been completely expunged from the records of Parliament. Such a shame!

From the foregoing, I can extrapolate with certainty that, this whole funny story being cooked by Ayariga and his cohorts has absolutely nothing to do with Boakye Agyarko and the NPP. Rather, it has everything to do with the serious infighting currently happening in the Minority Caucus under the leadership of Haruna Iddrisu and Muntaka Mubarak.

It would be recalled that after the departure of Hon. Alban Bagbin for the deputy speakership position, Ayariga was one of the MPs who was seriously lobbying to become the next Minority Leader which never materialized because neither him [Ayariga] nor any other NDC MP could withstand the legendary gravitas of Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, who himself, had become an institution in Parliament.

Again, we know that Haruna has a presidential ambition and of course, this, is to the dislike of John Mahama and Ayariga. So in the circumstance, he [Ayariga] together with the Mahama ‘boys’ in the committee had to manufacture this corruption story in order to create the impression that the Haruna/Muntaka leadership is corrupt for obvious reasons. My only issue with Ayariga is, why does he have to bring in Agyarko and the NPP in their internal matters?

Before I conclude, my brothers and sisters, let me quickly draw your attention to one curious observation I’ve made in this whole Ayarigate of a scandal. Ayariga, just like Muntaka, is a Muslim. In their battle for credibility, Ayariga is swearing by the Quran, whilst Muntaka is swearing by almighty Allah.

Now, here is the trick, in Islam, we don’t swear by the Quran but by almighty Allah. That is why you hear Muslims say, “Wallahi”, “Tallahi” and “Billahi” when they are swearing and the repercussions of same, if it turns out that one is lying, are inestimably debilitating. I leave you here to draw your own conclusions. This is the ayarigated voice of a citizen not a spectator.


Assalamu alaikum

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