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Asantehene is Obstinately Holding his Ground in the Ongoing Kumawu Chieftaincy Dispute Yahoo / Inbox

What an interesting fight it is between Rockson Adofo, a Mr Nobody in the sight of man, and Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the Overlord of Asanteman who is as well an Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. From the physical perspective of man, many a Ghanaian will straight away conclude that Asantehene has floored Rockson Adofo even long before the whistle is blown for the fight to commence. However, as the comparatively diminutive Israeli young man David withstood the Philistine giant Goliath and defeated him with one stone thrown from his sling, because the hand of God was upon him, so shall it be in this battle over who is right in their stand on the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute. The protective and guiding spirit of God is upon Rockson, according to his inner feeling and belief.

Asantehene is very much aware of the fact that he has constitutionally and conventionally erred by his obstinately collusive involvement in the Kumawu chieftaincy affairs with the ulterior motive of availing himself of Kumawu stool lands and wealth to the detriment of the collective interests of the subjects of Kumawu traditional area (Kumawuman). Being a man to own up and man up; putting up his hands to say I am sorry, to Kumawuman subjects and retreat in peace, he is rather proving stubborn thinking he is in the right but within his inner heart, he is deeply troubled and scared that he will be proven wrong in the end hence his recent superficial remonstration of machismo and anger at the NPP Government. Be it known to him that “obstinacy is the cause of the horns of the hornbill”

Is it not said that if two elephants fight, it is the turf that suffers? When Asantehene and Rockson are battling it out, why should the NPP be made to suffer reading deeper into the Asantehene’s recent accusatorial outbursts of anger against some members of the NPP Government, citing ethnocentrism to back his frustrations? Let it be known to him that trying to extricate himself from the web of shame and defeat God has entangled him in through attacks on some members of the NPP will not wash. His baseless fury at the NPP will not do him the good he is craftily expecting as long as the Kumawu chieftaincy battle is the Lord’s. The NPP Government can never, I repeat, can never, run to his rescue to twist justice in his favour as it is his intention hence his recent baseless public outbursts of anger that culminated in NPP bigwigs kneeling before him pleading for mercy with Albert Kan Dapaah, the Minister of National Security, hurtling to the Manhyia Palace the next day to either prostrate to him begging for clemency or whatever.

Some people wonder how Rockson has all these years been able to relentlessly take a stand against Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the Asante “Overlord” and his cohorts in the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute. His strength and protection are drawn from God based on his readiness to tell the truth, side with the truth by supporting the innocent party and more to do with God using him as an effective vessel to wage the war against the criminals who want to oppress the poor and the needy to usurp their birth-right.

Asantehene has abused his position as the Ceremonial Head of Asanteman by his roguish attitudes of meddling needlessly and corruptibly in chieftaincy issues in Asanteman. In the olden days, our forebears used their blood and sweat to fight not only for the land expansion of the Asante Confederacy but also, for the safety and security of Asanteman subjects. Now that the world has evolved so much so that no Kingdom or country can go to war with another with intent to capture their land and enslave their citizens or take them as booty, it is only by respect for each member of Asanteman that the cohesion of the Ashanti unity can be maintained. The Asanteman unity cannot be maintained by corrupt and disrespectful attitudes as are in daily exhibition by the current occupant of the Golden Stool in the person of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, known in private life as Mr Kwaku Duah, old Canadian and UK “burger”.

During his reign of obvious intimidation, lies and perpetration of injustices and corruption, his attitude has cost Asanteman the permanent withdrawal of Atebubu and Duayaw Nkwanta from the Asanteman Council fraternity. Again, the chief of New Juaben in the Eastern region does no longer attend Asanteman Council meetings and has nothing to do with Asanteman. Why should this be the case? Otumfuo Osei Tutu II with his bunch of corrupt chiefs who double as cowards is the problem causing the gradual disintegration of Asanteman but not any threats by anyone to withdraw from the Council.

I call on Otumfuo Osei Tutu II to be a gentleman by accepting that he has made a great mistake by taking Kumawuman subjects for fools through his intent to impose an undeserved royal on Kumawu as their paramount chief to be able to exploit the lands and the wealth of Kumawuman to the hilt. It takes a gentle to accept their faults, then seek to be pardoned; the only way peace can prevail and also the only way that he can avoid the wrath of God and the salvos being hurled at him by Rockson, the fearless and proud son of Kumawu/Asiampa who is wearing the armour of God.

For those who want to know some of the abuses of power by Asantehene, his exertion of intimidation on the subjects of Kumawuman with intent to suppress them to be able to rob them of their land and wealth in broad daylight, the fact of which Rockson is so angered, could please read the content of the underlying cited web link.

What a similarity of the words of war between the American President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. In the end, there will be peace settlement where Asantehene will realise his fault and pull out as he stands no chance of being allowed to abscond with Kumawu stool lands or be permitted to impose his puppet Dr Yaw Sarfo on Kumawuman as their Omanhene against the wish of more than 95% of the population.

Until then, NPP must stand firm. Until then, the courts must be guided by the present resolute determination by Ghanaians to see justice prevail without succumbing to the will and demands of any powerful crooks for whatsoever reason. The Ghana judicial system must purge itself of the perceived and realistic infatuation with corruption of which the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute must be a test case where verdict is delivered on the availability of credible facts and evidence but not on the inducement of whatever sort.

The battle is the Lord’s. The battle to redeem Kumawuman from the corrupt tentacles of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and his accomplices continues unabated! Is there anyone out there from Asanteman Council to challenge me, or God, on the veracity of the accusations levelled against Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II? I hope not. Any challenger? No challenger! God indeed, is in control!

Lest I forget, who are the advisers to Otumfuo Osei Tutu II? Why? Nothing; I am just asking and I wish to know. Is it Pastor Otabil or the former Presbyterian Moderator who cried out “Anyansafo ee, mo w3 hen” (where are the wise people), when he felt the corruption and the incompetence of the John Dramani Mahama’s NDC administration had gotten out of hand?

I can’t get my around this. Could the public please help give me further explanations and better particulars about the following case? There are two parties involved in a chieftaincy dispute. One party was served with an injunction issued by court purporting to prevent the members from presiding over the swearing in of a dubiously selected royal as a chief-elect. However, a member of that party went ahead to assist in the swearing in ceremony of the said royal. He was subsequently slapped with contempt of court and accordingly arraigned. Although accused of contempt of court, the case has for the past two years been dragging on in the courts, subjected to deliberate or otherwise mischievous deferments. It came about that a Judge had to decide the case in favour of the contemnor because the evidence that he had been served an injunction to the effect as alleged could not be traced on his docket. An appeal was made against the decision when after months later the evidence was found, probably having inadvertently or purposefully removed from his file by an unknown person working in the court registry or it was mislaid.

While this was ongoing, the members of the other party were cited for contempt of court because they had allegedly caused newspaper publication in which they said a judge had promised to play for public viewing their video recorded evidence submitted to the court but in the end he didn’t, but simply dismissed the case. The members of this second party were convicted to a week to two weeks jail term within a month of arraignment and on the second sitting of a judge on the case.

As the first party’s case went to appeal with the judges retired to write their individual verdicts, a rumour started bandying about a woman putting up her house in overseas and another in Ghana for sale. She intends to use the proceeds to grease the palms of the judges to decide the case in her party’s favour despite the availability of credible evidence to the contrary. Let us hope, wait and see how things turn out. What do you say about this, a public reader, were the allegations true?

Rockson Adofo

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