Menzgold customers have been implacably relentless in their calls on the government to retrieve their locked-up funds from Nana Appiah Mensah’s company.
In their demonstrations, they have asked President Akufo-Addo to forcibly arrest NAM1 from wherever he may be, and that they will bring their agitations to an end if NAM1 is arrested and their monies retrieved for them.
The inference from this is that the state should rather arrest the gentleman and force their monies out of him. In my considered opinion, the aggrieved customers are missing a few issues.
Upon what reasons can government comb the globe to fish him out when the state has not gone to court? Can the state even go to court over this matter? I doubt that.
Wouldn’t it be idyllic for the aggrieved customers to go to court rather for the court to subpoena the gentleman?
However we look at the issue, the results would not be substantially different. Whether the state brings him or the customers’ legal action brings him, the court will have to determine whether he is guilty or not.
We should remember that the case, irrespective of who brings him in, can travel for weeks, months or even years before a final determination by the court.
My proposition is that, a class action by the aggrieved customers can help them. Mind you, he can ask his lawyers to represent him in court.
Bottom line, we live in a country governed by laws. If NAM1 is here today, it does not necessary mean that he has the money to settle his clients.
It is disheartening to see thousands of people going through such an ordeal, but the approach to have this matter resolved is wrong, in my view.
The aggrieved customers must use the court system because if even NAM1 is forcibly arrested by the government, it would not guarantee their instant victory since the court would have to decide that.
In effect, customers being successful in this battle against Menzgold does not lie in the state leading the way. They signed the contracts with the entity and the courts will be more inclined in listening to them than a state that has no locus in this case, and this is my personal opinion.


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