Reflect Deeply on the Collective Needs of Ghanaians While Enjoying the Christmas

To start with, let me extend my sincere Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wishes to all Ghanaians and anyone who celebrates the yearly Christmas festivity. It is my desire that you do enjoy it without any hiccups. And to those that were faced with various problems, especially, losing their loved ones in the course of the year, my condolences to you with a prayerful wish that all goes well with you in the coming year, 2019.

While in the hyped mood looking forward to enjoying the Christmas, today, Monday, 24 December 2018, being the Christmas eve, I shall entreat all fellow Ghanaians to take a minute of their precious time to reflect on the collective needs of the Ghanaian citizenry.

From my empirical observations, the Ghanaian has been individualistic, selfish, insatiably greedy, unpatriotic and an admirer and defender of the evil perpetrator. These qualities of the Ghanaian, are the bases of the rise in the unstoppable ramifying corruption tormenting the country to cause the denigration of Ghanaians as a people and Ghana as a country. Our lack of foresight to seeing that our disgusting corrupt attitude is making us perpetual lapdogs of our farsighted white contemporaries will forever relegate us into socio-politico-economic and intellectual servitude.

The Ghanaian wants to be rich overnight without much toil. The Ghanaian wants to be the only rich person in their family to be worshipped and kowtowed to as a king or queen. The Ghanaian wants to exploit their neighbour at any least opportunity they get. The Ghanaian fails to understand that the collective wellbeing of the citizenry will enhance his or her image within and outside their country.

Owing to our selfish being and mentality, which are clearly signs of weakness, some outsiders are capitalizing on them to inflict “killing me softly” injuries and diseases on us. We are unconsciously lending some evil foreigners a hand to exterminate us from the face of the earth in a very crafty way.

Go on to WhatsApp, YouTube and other social media to see how some foreigners, especially the Chinese, are manufacturing deliberately contaminated food stuff like cornered beef, plastic fishes and rice and lead-filled sugar to be shipped to Africa. The consumption of these contaminated foods will gradually wipe us off the face of the earth. How long shall we remain naive for these clever than thou foreigners to kill us softly? “Na who cause am”, as a pidgin English speaker may say? We have ourselves created the opportunity for them to cleverly but slowly eliminate us from the surface of the earth.

Watch these YouTube videos;


We have to start to appreciate and consume our own made in Ghana goods. Should we begin to patronise our own made in Ghana rice, the Chinese will not have any reason to ship rice and fishes made of plastic to us. However, the Ghanaian like the biblical saying that a prophet is never honoured in his own town, does not want goods produced in Ghana but those inferior and purposefully contaminated ones shipped to us from China and other countries.

The Ghanaian should not see satisfaction in sex as a means of enjoying life to the fullest. While the Whites are going into space and exploring the outer space, the Ghanaian is thinking about how best to last longer making sex hence the nonsensical daily advertising of sex-enhancing drugs and beverages by our media. Are we that stupid? Could our deplorable behaviour not be the cause of the unprecedented higher number of deaths the country is experiencing on daily basis?

Should we concertedly fight corruption, the root of all Ghana problems, it shall be well with us. No money will be stolen any more. We can get money to invest to produce our own decent foods, drugs etc. to curtail the importation of cheaper but inferior and contaminated foods and drugs into the country to kill us in the end. We have to stand together to fight the official corruption and all abuses of power from every corner any from anybody.

In year 2019, God willing, I shall take the fight to the door steps of any politician, traditional head or court registrar caught to be engaging in acts of corruption. I am fed up with such acts that disgrace the black race if not helping to exterminate the black race. Therefore, I use this publication to serve a strong warning notice to the Mampong in Ashanti High Court registrar, Mr Adams, who is misconducting himself to sabotage the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute. I have taken certain local and international steps to get him do his job professionally. Sooner, he will become aware of it!

I want to leave the world better than I came to find it. I want to bequeath a better Kumawuman to posterity. Let us all help His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to fight corruption. Without our “all hands on deck” help, his dream of fighting to eradicate corruption from Ghana will be a nonstarter, if not simply a laughing stock. Let us use all the means at our disposal to name, shame and prosecute any known or discovered government or civil service official. We have to include our corrupt traditional chiefs or kings who want to reap from where they have not sown.

Unless we walk the talk, the Ghanaian or the African will stagnate to continually wallow in incompetence, beggary, consumption of contaminated foods and drugs, and the premature loss of our loved ones. As when you cut the head of a snake the rest of its body is said to become a rope, so will most of our problems emanating from poverty be resolved if we honestly fight to kill corruption in Ghana.

Who thinks we cannot do it? It is only a lazy good-for-nothing being who will say that my proposition is not achievable. As former American President Barack Obama used the campaign mantra of “YES WE CAN” to surprise the world to become the first black or mixed-race person to rule the United States of America for eight years, so can the Ghanaian do it. All it takes is confidence and the determination to fight that canker called corruption, the delicacy of the Ghanaian or African politicians who see entry into politics as not to serve the people but an arena to enrich themselves overnight.

Once more, I say a Merry Christmas and purpose-driven New Year to you, oh fellow Ghanaians and all celebrants of Christmas.

See you next year, God willing!

Rockson Adofo


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