Ghanaians to let Year 2019 be a Year of Positive Action but Not Rhetoric

For how long are we as a people and a nation, going to wish each other a Happy and Prosperous New Year at the end and the beginning of each year, but only to find ourselves stalled in the same place or in the same difficulties? Do we really mean what we wish upon others and the good they desire for us by their expressed wishes, or we do so simply because it is a tradition or a fashion to utter such goodwill pronouncements without actually meaning them?


How can we be happy and prosper in a country where about 1% or less of the people are enjoying about 70% of the nation’s wealth? Power and the wealth of the nation are concentrated in the hands of our politicians, the few highly educated ones and a small number of the affluent persons. Unfortunately, the listed few elites are often known to acquire their power and wealth corruptively. In Ghana, politics is indisputably an arena for acquiring immense wealth overnight. This is a fact known not only to Ghanaians both home and abroad but also, to reputable international leaders, organizations and persons.


For our good wishes to manifest if we really want them to, then we have a duty to perform. Our expressions must be backed by actions. Is it not said, “determination backed by action is the key to success”? I know from practical observations that abuse of power of all sorts by our elected politicians, our highly educated ones and our traditional leaders is the number one factor inhibiting the socio-politico-economic advancement of Ghana. This ill is not peculiar to Ghana but also, to all African countries.


For our New Year wishes to come to fruition according as expressed, we need to be realistic by dealing drastically with all the factors that militate against the realisation of our expressed good wishes. Therefore, we need to be proactive in year 2019.




We should not allow our political party activism and inclination to blind us into unflinchingly supporting our party leaders even when they are known to be corruptly enriching themselves and abusing the laws of the land. We should rather expose them, shame them and with a unanimous voice call for their prosecution and conviction. We should not be supporting and defending those who breach the laws to illegally enrich themselves or to oppress us.


Our security personnel (air force, army, police etc.) should not throw their weight behind those politicians, few highly educated and well-placed persons as well as our traditional leaders who abuse their powers to exploit the nation and the people. They must bear in mind that we are fighting for the survivability of the African or the black race on this planet. How often have intentionally contaminated foods and drugs not found their way to the shores of Ghana or Africa from outside, especially from China? If such contaminated items are manufactured to cause diseases or death to the black man, as long as you, the security personnel, are a black person, you stand the danger of falling a victim to the contaminated foods or drugs. If they don’t affect you personally, they may affect a member of your family in a way or the other.


As the president cannot have his eyes and ears all over the place to know or hear all the committals of malpractices by those empowered through election or appointment to serve the nation, we had better police them and report them. We can report them to the appropriate authorities but where we lose confidence in the institutions, we can use the social media to divulge their identities and crimes. Don’t feel threatened by the spurious sums of money they threaten to sue people for when one reveals their corrupt practices. We should not be intimidated by the roguish behaviour of our dishonest politicians.


Let us use the social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) as a vital weapon to fighting corruption, a drawback on the economic progress of Ghana. Don’t let us ever feel intimidated by the threats from our leaders. The power lies with the people and should the suffering masses rise up as a united force, no military or police weapons fashioned against them shall prosper. This is not only as per the new world order but also, the wish of God Almighty. Are American President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Kim Jong-un of North Korea not aware of how Ghanaian leaders are corruptly ruining the nation? They have variously made adverse remarks about our leaders and the country because of their propensity to embezzle funds and assets; culminating in the impoverishment of the country despite our many naturally and diversely endowed mineral resources.


I personally promise to up my actions to fighting for the liberation of Kumawuman from the destructive corruption, exploitation, intimidations and illegal use of the military and police personnel or government machinery against the people in their honest quest for justice, peace and development in their area, by the Asante Overlord and his cohorts. It is by this that any wish of Happy and Prosperous New Year pronounced on me shall come to fruition. I shall go about such an obligation with the desired passion. What about you, my fellow Ghanaian and public reader? How do you anticipate the realisation of the Prosperous 2019 Year that friends and family members have wished upon you?




Power to my people! With a collective effort and unison of voice, we can overpower any enemy trying to sabotage the nation’s desire to prosper to bring smile to the faces of ordinary Ghanaians. With a concerted effort, regardless of the degree of oppression applied by the so-called power-that-be, Kumawuman shall extricate herself from the poisonous tentacles of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Kumawuhemaa Nana Abenaa Serwaah Amponsah and Dr Yaw Sarfo, the alleged Kumawuhene Barima Sarfo Tweneboa Kodua. Why should we continually condone evil? Why should we praise evildoers while on the other hand wishing to prosper? Can that be possible? No!!!


I dedicate this publication to God Almighty, the source of my strength and inspiration, and by extension, to the late Opanin Kwame Basoah and Madam Awo Serwaah of Kumawu for passing to me kind-heartedness and bravery to be of service to humanity, my people and nation. Whosoever wants to see the prevalence of justice, peace and corrupt-free Ghana should please join me in my crusade to wage war on corrupt government and traditional leaders.


Rockson Adofo


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