The Basic Education Certificate Examination is written by Ghanaian students before they can be enrolled into the second cycle institutions in the country.

According to a report by Citi FM, in 2017 alone over 36, 849 Junior High School (JHS) students failed to achieve the required pass marks to be placed in Senior High School.

This was due to ;

1) Number of subjects they wrote. Pupils are learning nine subjects which they are later on going to be examined on meanwhile at the second cycle institutions and universities they are writing 8 papers and even less.

2)Time range in which they write the Exams(Timetable):In the senior high schools and universities though we are writing 8 or less papers not less than three weeks are used but that is not the case for our brothers and sisters in the Junior High Schools.

3)Method and Approach;At the Second cycle institutions and universities, we write exams on our own campuses with our own teachers invigilating and supervising. Also, we are allowed to use calculators and other stuff like formula sheets but with the Basic Education Certificate Examination, the young students write in different schools with different teachers and are not even permitted to use calculators.

Critical attention must be paid to that sector.
The schools, parents, government and all stakeholders can implement all the good policies(ie;Special Classes,reduction of registration fees etc) necessary to help the students pass but still would fail.

There must be educational reforms to help a lot of students pass the exams to enjoy the Free Shs.

Examples of the reforms needed are ;

1)Reduction in number of subjects

2)Time range for exams must be increased.

3)Writing in own schools with own teachers invigilating with supervisors from outside.

David Antwi Boasiako

0241100574 / 0204904295

(Executive Member Youth For Accountable Governance/Communicator/Youth Activist/Secretary Tescon – Gcuc)


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