Bill Boampong Darlington writes:

Generally, a Member of Parliament is as good as the leader or the party he belongs. ‘a good political party’, again, is a more complex entity (with divergent interests). The Member and his affiliation, therefore, often oscilliate between National interest, constituency (both territorial and conceptual), party dictates/whips, personal interest at least to the extent that if she really wants to do something, she needs to win elections.

So it is quite difficult to theoretically work out a list of defining characteristics of a good Member of Parliament;the easiest way is to find (though it is very difficult task !!!) some good Parliamentarian or at least who are commonly believed to be so and then theorize on their common success, goodness and balancing acts.

With the likes of Hon.Carlos Kingsley Ahenkora,MP for Tema West,whom majority of his party members are pleased with because of his human relationship and act of tolerance, one can foretell that the future of NPP in Tema West is and will always be a blessed one.

Since he was voted into office as MP, he has displayed excellently,both theoretical and practical whips on his duties.

With the day to day running of the constituency, such as provision of lights for security purposes,refuse collection,checking of anti-social behavior or public lavatories,provisions of some social amenities etc,the MP,Hon.Carlos Ahenkora is always available to supervise and also support even though it is supposed to be the primary work of the local councillor(MCE)

On the floor of Parliament, even though this is his first appearance, he is always making sense in all areas of submissions when given the chance.

The Hon.MP who doubles as deputy trade and industry minister is doing well and must be commended.


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