Ladies and Gentlemen,

I trust your weekend has been awesome.

Before Monday welcomes us, I would humbly love to crave your indulgence to correct some erroneously erroneous news beating the waves in our our media cycles.

Last week in Parliament and subsequently on several media platforms, the members of the Minority claimed that the government was planning to increase the number of staff at the Office of the President from 998- 1614. They even further calculated and said an increase of 616 staffers.

After several requests for them to offer proof to back this claim, they referred to the 2019 budget as the source of their claim and proceeded further to claim any such act will amount to a burden on the public purse.

There are three things government wishes to share with you on this matter:

• The makers of the claim have either confused Office of Government Machinery (OGM) with Office of the President (OOP) OR are only up to political mischief.

•Contrary to the claim, Staff numbers at Office of the President and Even the Office of Government machinery are rather going through a programmed reduction.

•Government pleads with the Media, that to preserve the sanctity of facts in public discourse, kindly subject people who make claims on facts, to strict empirical proof before giving them space to peddle such claims which can have significant effects.

√1. There is a clear difference between OGM and OOP.

The Executive arm of government is organized into Ministries Departments and Agencies. The supervising outfit of the executive arm is referred to as Office of Government Machinery. It comprises 19 difference units one of which is the Office of the President.

In 2018 established posts for OGM was 1697
In 2019 it has rather been reduced to 1614
(insert extracts from budget statement)

So Indeed the established Posts at OGM has reduced between 2018 and 2019. It has reduced not increased.

The claim of an increase is because the minority is comparing Office of the President(998 in 2018) which was part of the 1697 ceiling, with the entire Office of Government Machinery ceiling for 2019 (1614).

This type of analysis can only be done under 1 of two circumstances.

– If the maker confuses OGM & OOP. The two are different.
– If the maker is being deliberately mischievous.

√2. Contrary to claims of an increase, the staff establishment numbers are rather reducing.

Specifically Office of the President for the avoidance of doubt, is expected to reduce by 69 by end of 2019.

Contrary to the claim peddled last week, there is rather a net reduction of 83 staff at the OGM staff numbers by year end 2019.

This will mostly be as a result of retirements who are not being replaced.

So contrary to the claim of an increase in numbers, there is rather a reduction in numbers by 69 specifically at Office of the President and net reduction of 83 in all at the entire Office of Government Machinery.

√3. Colleagues, government entreats the media and citizens at large to subject people who make claims about facts, to first substantiate them, before giving them media mileage to repeatedly peddle such unsubstantiated claims.

The basic rule of evidence is that he who alleges has an onus to prove. If we do not push people to first prove their claims and instead give them mileage to keep repeating their false claims, only to ask persons against who false claims are made, to rather come forward and prove their innocence, the media will soon be taken for a ride by people who feel all they have to do is make a claim because you will give them space.

We want to encourage the media to subject such persons to proof or to check the facts themselves and not allow the public media space to be filled with untruths.



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