Togbe Adaku V making ‘bogus’ claims about NSS personnel involvement in risk assessment – NPA

The National Petroleum Authority has debunked claims by leadership of the LPG Marketing Companies Association that the regulator uses National Service Personnel in the field work such as the risk assessment of LPG refilling plants.

Responding to the allegations, Communications Director Anny Osabutey described the assertion as ridiculous and bogus while noting that President of the LPG Marketing Companies Association, Togbe Adaklu V was one of several people openly opposed to the Cylinder Recirculation Policy which the NPA intend to enforce.

Anny Osabutey described the contentions as unfortunate coming from Togbe Adaklu V since the latter has been in the business for a long time.

“… It is unfortunate for him to be back at a time that lives have been lost, properties affected by a station that belongs to his association to be making what I may call ridiculous and bogus allegations that we use National Service Persons.
It is absolutely false, never true, it is pathetic and unfortunately a very ridiculous claim by him because first and foremost the personnel that we send to the ground to carry out the inspections and monitoring are qualified and certified people who understand the job and when they get to the field, understand what they do..” he stated.

He further explained that National Service Personnel with the Authority are occasionally sent to the field with the experts to learn as well.

“… the NPA just like any other institution will receive National Service Personnel and occasionally; these people when they come, part of the reason they come as service persons is to be able to give them the opportunity to learn. So when we’re going some of them obviously will join and learn. It does not necessarily mean that we put service persons in charge of our inspection and monitoring operations. It’s completely false”

The Communications Director also revealed that Togbe Adaklu V had filed an appeal against a court decision to throw out an injunction against the NPA’s public programme seeking to educate the public on the importance of the Cylinder Recirculation Policy.

While reacting to a gas station explosion in Krofrom in the Ashanti regional capital, President of the LPG Marketing Companies Association, Togbe Adaklu V accused the regulatory body of lacking the men to do the job for them in that outfit having engaged National Service personnel to undertake field work on their behalf.

Two people have been reported to have died while eleven others sustained severe burns at the Trinity gas station explosion.

The fire is reported to have started at a mechanic shop and spread to the nearby Trinity Oil Gas station.

Several properties including shops and at least 31 vehicles were destroyed by the fire.

The gas station is situated in a residential area surrounded by schools, churches and a car washing bay.

Residents in the area have called for the immediate relocation of the gas station. Some residents who had gone to pick up their wards at a school located right next to the gas station asked government to intervene.

Mr. Osabutey however gave the assurance that the filling station had been utterly destroyed and clamped and hence would cease to be in operation.


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