Isn’t it ‘shameful’ that AKUFO-ADDO also calls himself a President? – BULLDOG asks in shock

Speaking pidgin English, the former Shatta Wale manager said:

“Always you dey suit and tie with some white handkerchief just dey walk about the world wey you dey preside over a failed state…nothing dey work for here.” he ranted.

“Sometimes I dey wonder…you dey wake up say you be president?” he quizzed.

“Everything dey work if you go out there with your colleagues then they introduce this is the President of China, this is the President of Angola, this is the president you too you dey see say you be president of weytin? President of weytin?” he asked the President.

He criticized the president’s words and his body language against corruption. According to him, it is a complete mismatch, communicating two different things all together.

“Sometimes I dey wonder, nothing dey work… like nothing. You dey South Africa dey talk about corruption then see your face. Your face no dey match what dey come out of your mouth about corruption and punishing your own people. You just dey talk some way.”

Commenting on Adenta, Bulldog added:

“Go watch the clip. You see what dey happen for Adenta ebi very very sad. People for wake up do gidigidi before before you go work for this town? Why? I dey shock ooo and you go dey wear suit go up and down say you be President. Eii big man, I no dey understand ooo”

Source: Stephen Zoure/  2018


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