I am greatly disturbed by the activities of some of the members of the opposition party( NDC) including a former president of our country (Frmer President Mahama) in our second cycle schools. These upcoming school children are the back bones of our country in some few years to come of our Lord Jesus doesn’t come. Why have we sought to lead them astray because of petty politics and propaganda. I am even more worried by the indulgence of the former president in this act of outright disgust and a crime to humanity. These Young ones a vulnerable and are always led to do things sometimes they don’t mean. They are so fragile and gullible to outside influence even from their peers. Why have adults like Akamba, Mahama and the rest of the NDC decided to use them as a political tool to achieve their parochial interest to the detriment of the welfare of the students. I have always believed that partisan politics should be kicked out of our schools especially lower primary , upper primary and the second cycle schools to allow them to first of all develop patriotism, develop consciences of their own, freedom to choose or otherwise and most of love for man and country. I believe the former president and his cohorts are gradually corrupting the very things that hold us as a people together and planting seeds of disrespect, hatred and divisiveness. Apart from the GES code of conduct, I believe we are humans first. I am not against political campaign but I think he is now campaigning to become the flag bearer of his party and I know these innocent young ones do not vote in their primaries, so the question is why them? Problems in Senior High schools have been there even before he was considered to be the Vice President through to his becoming president. We have never said that all are rosy and clean and perfect. We, as a party and government have always alluded to the fact that these problems exist but we won’t allow these social problems to deter us from allowing our future generations to get educated. We wont allow it to stop us from taking the bold step of not leaving anybody behind. We will solve them! Our vision, love for man and country is greater than these problems. In my candid opinion it is a dis-service to country and God, as he professes to called by God to come back, of which I vehemently dispute this claim, for them to go round Senior high schools doing what they are doing. If they really love the country they will help these students solve some of the age long problems they are facing. What do they do after they do go to these less endowed schools? Something you and your party said could be done in the next 20 years, how can you review it when you come into power again. You couldn’t even handle nurses and teacher training allowances, how can you manage FSHS with its huge budget. NDC is roaring like the lion trying to deceive and devour us but we wont allow it to happen. Ever again!! I know the good of Ghana are watching and making good decisions as to which party and government have the interests of the general public at heart. Even the so called elite countries do not have all the infrastructures they need yet they are making decisions everyday. H.E Nana Addo is committed to ensuring that education is free for all no matter your economical status, party colour, tribe, and ethnicity. #leave-the-children-alone Collins Sah Member CTI, Ash,BA, E/R block 0243459237


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