NDC will form counter-terrorism groups to face NPP – Brogya Gyamfi

A former National Democratic Congress (NDC) Ashanti Regional Youth Organizer and a communicator, Brogya Gyamfi says his party members are fed with the conduct of the Ghana Police as far as NPP vigilantism is concerned.

According to him, the Ghana Police is cowered into feeling helpless in the situation for fear of victimization by politicians, therefore, will not hesitate to form counter-terrorism groups to face the NPP.

“A whole party has left their members to attack ministers and MPs in their offices and meetings and you expect an opposition party like NDC to sit quietly and watch, no, it will never happen.

“If Ghana police and the security cannot deal with them, they will have counter-terrorism groups in the NDC and deal with the attackers in NPP. We cannot rely on the attitude of the Ghana police so we will have no option than to form counter-terrorism groups,” he warned.

Ghana Monitoring and Evaluation Minister was attacked by thugs who are believed to be members of the vigilante group, Delta Force which is affiliated to the governing NPP.

They say the MP had reneged on the promises he made to them during the campaign.

Meanwhile, two members of the vigilante group, have been arrested Tuesday.

But Brogya Gyamfi who is aspiring to become a national youth organizer of the party encouraged supporters of the NDC to go to work prepared in anticipation of any unlawful attack.

He said it is important that supporters of the NDC protect themselves and match the NPP supporters fair and square.

“I’m not saying our supporters should go and attack anybody, but when you’re at your workplace doing legitimate work and you don’t arm yourself and you’re suddenly attacked and killed, you would have died a needless death but when you prepare for such attacks, you can protect yourself in that event.

Don’t depend on the police to protect you, do the protection yourself,” he charged.


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