Evil Lies and Propaganda Against Frank Asiedu Bekoe (Protozoa) Exposed and Backfired

Evil Lies and Propaganda Against Frank Asiedu Bekoe (Protozoa) Exposed and Backfired

We have sighted an amateur and frivolous article authored by one gentleman by name, Nana Yaw Boampong aimed at tarnishing the image of Mr. Frank Asiedu Bekoe (aka Protozoa) as well as assassinating the Character of Hon. Frema Opare, the Chief of Staff.

Setting the records straight, the Head of Political Affairs at the Office of Chief of Staff is not responsible for the whole political affairs of NPP Members or NPP Government.

The responsibility of Protozoa is restricted and limited to the Office of Chief of Staff and that he is only responsible coordinating the political related affairs for the Chief of Staff not for the whole Presidency and Government.

Further exposing the ignorance of Nana Yaw Boampong, the office at the Presidency responsible for all political related matters/affairs is the Office of Director of Operations headed by Lord Commey.

Haters never win in this life. If not for mischief, how do you expect Protozoa to solve an impasse happened at Tafo Constituency when Party’s leadership has taken up the matter already?

For avoidance of doubt, all the allegations raised by Nana Yaw Boampong against Protozoa are unsubstantiated, completely falsehoods, amateurish and baseless.

Protozoa is more focus, resolute and forever humble to the continue service for members of NPP, general public, Chief of Staff and Government according to the best of his abilities. No amount of backstabbing, evil lies and propaganda can bring Protozoa down. All his detractors shall be put to shame.

Protozoa is busy saving lives using his Office and testimonies are abound to the effect. At least God shall show Protozoa mercy for saving the life of Jaden Appiah who had an issue of brain stem making it difficult for him to walk.

Protozoa and his Boss, Chief of Staff are busy working hard to maintain and consolidate the gains of Victory 2016 and will never be bothered by the childishly propaganda of Nana Yaw Boampong.

Nana Prempeh Ababio


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