The CEO of Gihoc, Kofi Jumah, has appealed to the Ministries of Finance, Trade and industry and Tourism

The Managing Director of GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited, Kofi Jumah, has appealed to the Ministries of Finance, Trade and industry and Tourism to close down all hotels and drinking Bars which patronize foreign drinks. According to him, the influx of foreign Drinks has greater repercussions on Ghana’s local industries, employment, currency depreciation, and the Gross Domestic Product. He added that instead of being too tendentious about foreign drinks, we can hype our locally produced drinks to promote our local industries, to promote employment, to increase productivity and quality, to increase our national income, to ensure better living standard averagely, to correct our Balance of Payment deficits. Mr. Kofi Jumah said this at the launch of the company’s new product “APET DRY GIN” which was derived from Ghana’s very own “Akpteteshie”. “For as at GIHOC he said, consumer satisfaction remains our biggest priority. The consumer spoke and we listened to their plea to produce locally drinks to bring class to Ghana’s Alcohol Business”. “We have taken Akpeteshie from the table under to the high table. We have taken it from the blue kiosk to the Hitton. Now middle class can drink Akpeteshie too in the open. We have brought class to a uniquely Ghanaian Gin. We have successfully taken it from Aboboyaa to Maserati and Bentley”, he said. He stated that a contributory factor that had made products from the company attain international recognition was the determination to maintain the quality of its products. He explained that over the past decades, measures had been put in place to enhance the quality of the company’s products. “We have never compromised the quality of our products because it is what distinguishes us from the rest,” he added GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited (GDCL) has over the years perfected the art of distillation, refinery, blending and manufacture of various types of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for the local market and beyond. GIHOC Distilleries are manufacturers of GIHOC Takai, Mandingo, Castle bridge, Herbal Afrik, Chavalier, Bucannuer Rum, Sorento vermouth and Kaizer Schnapps. Ghana | | Hughes Kwame Boateng


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