Pastors use TV, Radio to cause serious ‘damage’ – Ken Agyapong

Maverick politician and businessman, Kennedy Agyapong has singled out the clergy for being the main brain behind the underdevelopment of the country accusing them of brainwashing their congregation in order to exploit them.

He bemoaned the practice where pastors have now taken over the airwaves in the night and giving out lotto numbers which hitherto was not in existence in ‘good’ churches.

“Religion is impeding progress in this country. If you listen to the radio in the country, pastors are now giving out lotto numbers. Their preaching is all about lotto numbers. Giving two sure and promising that if you stake those numbers you will win big. I have asked that they should be taken off my media networks. The preaching the person is doing is causing more damage than the money he is paying for the airtime”, he revealed on Adom TV.

The Assin Central lawmaker revealed that it is now the trend pastors will frighten their members in order to whip them in line in order to get them to cough out any amount they ask from the poor church members.

“I believe in God but he says he has created us in his own image. He says he has given us everything. If he wants us to be animals he will not create us as superior beings over animals. There is this trend they put fear in church members in order to cheat them…. Pastors frightening us in order to make us kowtow to their whims and caprices. Make us vulnerable to whatever they want to exploit from us”, he observed

“It is pathetic to see the number of women in churches…I do not know what they want. The last amount of the poor woman will be given to the pastor to lavish on his family and himself”, he intimated.


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