Donald Trump is Right; Africans Must Acknowledge their Disgraceful Shortcomings and then Change!

I have for the past three days received a message on my WhatsApp page allegedly attributed to the American President Donald Trump. It is all about his candidly expressed views about how he sees Africans and why we are unable to develop and reason as normal human beings.

In spite of his sarcastic denigration of Africans, I see him to have soliloquized my mind. I have similar views about Africans and I have written about it in my memoire which I have for some months now put it on hold instead of completing it for publishing. Until Africans honestly accept the fact that we are at the bottom rung of the ladder of development to rather aspire to develop as rational human beings, we shall forever get mired or wallow in infantilism, making us objects of laughter in the eyes of our contemporary civilized whites.

Some people after reading the gospel truth Donald Trump has said about Africans if indeed he said them, are accusing of racism and insulting him for being stupid. It is rather those people who cannot face the truth which is bitter when said, are rather the fools but not the one telling the truth. As I write, Accra has been inundated with flood after yesterday’s down pour of heavy rain. Cars and human beings are finding it difficult reaching their destinations because all the roads have become inaccessible because of the flooding. This menace has being going on for years. However, none of our leaders since independence has had the knowhow to resolve the problem, yet our politicians award themselves fat salaries, annual bonuses, put up big mansions for themselves and purchase expensive luxury cars for their personal comfort and for the use of their girlfriends. If we were not stupid and animals as said by Donald Trump, if he indeed said it, will the citizens sit by nonchalantly while our leaders take us for rough ride?

Africans must accept the truth about our shortcomings irrespective of whoever is saying it, whether it is from the Whiteman or the Blackman, to then start to do the right thing. The ordinary citizens are not to sit down like lame ducks while the few elected politicians do whatever they want with the nation’s resources as though they are their personal properties. If it should take civil uprising to right the situation, so be it!

Find below what is alleged to have come from the American President as it is going viral on WhatsApp to make your own judgment. I believe in the truthfulness of his entire expressed views regardless of what others may say or think.

Not long ago, he treated African countries as shitholes. Most of our African leaders and Africans expressed contrary condemnatory opinions about his assertion. He was 100% right. Until today, some people defecate in the open areas in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

As I write, in a certain part of McCarthy Hill suburb in Accra, some people have built their houses right in the middle of the area demarcated for a future express road. Consequently, there is no road access for sewerage trucks to reach certain homes where their sewage is spilling over sending foul stench across a vast area of the suburb.

Instead of the neighbours taking the necessary legal action for the Gbewa-McCarthy Hill Assembly or whatever they call themselves to get the structures erected in the earmarked area for the road to be demolished, they are instead accepting bribes for such illegal structures to be maintained but rather forcibly appealing to genuine landowners to demolish their fence walls to pave way for a one-traffic road to allow a truck to reach the sewage. Is that not short-sightedness and animalistic reasoning by the Ghanaian?

For evidence sake, my correspondences pertaining to what is going on in McCarthy Hill have been conveyed to the attention of one of the current Ministers in His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government as well as that of once a top ranking police officer. I shall publish the correspondences in future to prove how Ghanaians believe in short-term policies in solving problems hence being seen by intelligent Whites as complete fools.

What is wrong and untruth about the underlying factual statements alleged to have been uttered by the American President Donald Trump? I may disagree with some of his racial policies like seemingly supporting the ultra-rightist policies in America which are detrimental to the safety and security of the Black Americans but on this particular one about Africans, I give him a thumb’s up.

American President – Donald Trump explains his statement against Africans:

“If after 50 years of independence you have not built the necessary infrastructure for your people, are you humans?

“If you sit on gold, diamond, oil, manganese, uranium… and your people don’t have food, are you humans?

“If to stay in power, you buy weapons from strangers to kill your own citizens, are you humans?

“If your only social project is to stay in power for life, are you being human?

“If you despise and shoot your own citizens like game, who will respect them?”

“If you take all resources meant for development of your country for personal property are you humans?

“If you leave your country healthcare unattended and treat yourself abroad are you humans?

“Until your leaders think less of themselves and more about your people. You are not human but animal.

Let us reduce the huge salaries and bonuses of government appointees and the top civil servants to free money for other projects to ameliorate the living conditions of the poor Ghanaian masses. Let us stop or arrest those who defecate not only in the open areas in Accra but also, chuck rubbish into open gutters to choke them hence the stinking of Accra with the periodic flooding during the rainy seasons. Let us strengthen our institutions to make sure laws work and people become law-abiding. Let judicial corruption stop. Let the Attorney General allow the Special Prosecutor to work as we expect of him to help stop corruption in Ghana before I publish a damaging article about her sluggishness and what may be her incompetence.

Should things continue like this, I promise Ghanaians that it will not take long for the poor masses until now seen as cowards, to muster courage to bring about a civil uprising to right the situation for the betterment of all.

Rockson Adofo


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