Saturday was one of the normal days for we the people of Upper East Region until we heard of the visit of the Vice President to our land.

Having always touted himself as an economic guru, we thought he would have used the opportunity to address the many challenges and the economic hardship that he has supervised for almost two years in office and render an unqualified apology to the people of Upper East for having lied his way into power. Obviously, that’s the least he would do.

Alhaji Bawumia interestingly, came to our region with two helicopters! This is a clear evidence of insensitivity at its highest order. When the whole nation is crying due to the hardship brought onto us by his government, that’s the least we expected of him.

What was more interesting and intriguing is the fact that the helicopters Bawumia used were those same helicopters the same Bawumia accused the then Mahama government and the Ghana Gas Company of causing financial loss to the state at a cost of $54, 800.00. Well, Mahama’s God is a living God. Indeed, day in day out, he is been vindicated and his detractors are put to shame by their own actions and inactions.

The darling boy from Bole came under serious attacks for using a SINGLE helicopter at the time he was the President but here we are, the Veep who is supervising the weakest economy in modern history of Ghana is happily going up and down with TWO helicopters. Power sweet! Money swine!

In all these times of serious economic hardship, it is obvious that the NPP government don’t care about the plight of the same people they deceived to get their votes.

Under his watch;
671,000 litres intentionally contaminated fuel evaporated from the custody of BOST and he is happy with it.
$3million is been granted to only star times as tax waivers when Ghanaians are crying for a reductions in fuel prices to mitigate their suffering.
Over $24 million was spent on a fake Ghana Digital Postal Address System which was dead on arrival.
The nurses and teacher trainee allowance they promised to restore fully within their 1st hundred days in office, the immediate employment they promised nursing and teacher trainees, the one village one dam, the one million dollar per constituency, the one district one factory and the several other sugarcoated promises they used to get their way into power has proved to be nothing but complete falsehood.

Ghanaians should consider suing this super incompetent government for deception and false pretence.
By this medium, I wish to advise the Vice President to as a matter of urgency summon the IGP to answer questions on who was on duty to have made the dollar break jail. Again, it’s important that he concentrates on the economy and leaves NADMO issues to the NADMO Coordinator to avoid wasting our taxes.

Permit me again to draw his attention to happenings in the country by paraphrasing uncle Kwesi Pratt Jnr. Certainly, “when the economic fundamentals are weak, fuel prices will expose you”. We’re being told we might be hit with fuel shortage as fuel tanker drivers are threatening strike action from today, the 24th of September, 2018. What’s your stake on that Mr. Vice President?

It’s a Monday, we thank God for our lives. Have a good working day Mr. Vice President but remember just as Bob Marley said, “you can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the times”

Hon. Abraham Azumah Lambon
Regional Youth Organiser, UER
National Democratic Congress


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