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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Letter from Chairman Emmanuel Effah to Npp Dear NPP,


Letter from Chairman Emmanuel Effah to Npp Dear NPP,

Hope you are taking lessons from what’s happening in NDC. We must avoid their mistakes at all costs because I seriously envisage the ramifications to be catastrophic. Here are few suggestions for your perusal: 1. Set up monitoring Team: The party must set up a resourceful party monitoring team. The team is to monitor activities of sitting MPs, MMDCES, party executives, grassroots and send periodic report to the headquarters. This will help the party to appreciate the level of apathy and deal with those concerns aptly. Also, this will help the party to identify and deal with non performing MPs, MMDCES and constituency executives. 2. Monthly activities: There must be monthly party activity in each and every constituency to re-energize and motivate the grassroots and also help win more souls. Party activities should continue like we were in opposition going to an election especially with the resourcing of the volunteers groups called V16. 3. Communication and openness: party executives and appointees should be measured in adressing, concerns of the grassroots. Don’t talk to provoke but to calm nerves. They shouldn’t close their doors to the concerns of the grassroots. 4. Don’t neglect the very people who worked their heart out to send you to the top( Power). 5. Peace and Unity : The party must do all possible to maintain peace and unity even in times of strife. 6. Jobs: This must be our topmost priority. We must create jobs at the grassroots level and also help our unemployed members secure good jobs. This will enable them make contributions towards programs and progress of our great party.

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