Bola Ray saved Shatta Wale from beating in London – Stonebwoy

Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy, has alleged that Shatta Wale’s antics almost got him beaten in English capital London.

Speaking on Accra-based Hitz FM, Stonebwoy, who has had a hostile relationship with the ‘Dancehall King’ in recent years said that Shatta Wale was only spared from the physical assault by the intervention of radio host, Bola Ray.

Although Stonebwoy did not elaborate on the situation which could have resulted in Shatta Wale’s beating, he added that Shatta’s rants would not be tolerated in Jamaica either.

He suggested that Shatta Wale would be shot dead if he made similar comments and attacks on fellow artistes in the Carribean nation.

“If he were in Jamaica, he’d have been shot. True or False? He thinks he’s a gee. He would have been beaten in London had Bola Ray not intervened. He insulted my mother and then comes around and says we don’t want to make peace? Who insults artistes more than him? Does he think the country is his?” he quizzed.

Stonebwoy’s recent outburst stems from what he said were claims by Shatta Wale that he had killed his mother.

Catherine Satekla died in 2015 and there’ve been claims of the artiste’s involvement in her demise as a “sacrifice” to win the BET Best International Act award he picked up later that year.

Stonebwoy, who rebuffed attempts by the host of the show to calm him down, dared the ‘Dancehall King’ to make those claims to his face.

“You go behind me and say “killer” talking about me killing my mother. I’m waiting for one person to come and stand in front of me, including [Shatta Wale] himself and say I killed my mother and it will be beautiful in Ghana. Tell him to f*** off, I’m not playing.”

Despite being signed onto the same record label – Zylofon Media – the two artistes have had a frosty relationship.

Stonebwoy rubbishes sacrifice rumors

Since his mother, Catherine Satekla died in 2015, there have been claims of the artiste’s involvement in her demise as a “sacrifice” to win the BET Best International Act award he picked up later that year.

The artiste came out to deny these claims, maintaining that he had a loving relationship with his mother.

“It’s a lie, I did not. It’s God who gives and it’s the same God who takes. Believe it or not, I’ve had enough of this news, I would post something totally different on Facebook, some people’s comment would be I killed my mum, Twitter same, Instagram same. But I want to let the world know that I did not kill my mum. How can I kill the woman who gave birth to me and my siblings, I didn’t” he explained.

“If it’s the will of God for it to happen, it will. I even won the BET awards before my mum died, but I want to say that people who know you will accept your explanation, but people who hate you…”

By: Edwin Kwakofi/


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