For the past few days, we’ve been following some events in the media circles about the suppose come back of the greatest failure in the history of our country. John Mahama, after whole fully failing the nation with his governance style, coupled with gargantuan corruption, create, loot and share and inflated contracts, is yearning to come again and continue. For us at LOKA, we have carefully monitored his messages so far, and feels insulted by him. His preachings of making some mistakes whiles in office but wants to come back to correct those mistakes is not only an irony but also an insult to Ghanaians. After given John Mahama free education, becoming and assembly man, an MP, a deputy minister, a minister, a vice-president and later a president, we don’t really know what he want again, if not coming to continue milking our resources with his brothers.

We are by this release, warning Ghanaians to be wary of John Mahama and his brothers. We should remember how John Mahama and his brothers almost destroyed Ghana and sent us back to HIPC and the IMF. When John Mahama was President, His brother didn’t pay tax at the port and it was our mentor Hon. Kennedy Agyapong that exposed him and forced him to pay. We also have to remember the collapsed of Merchant Bank and how it was allegedly linked to his brother’s loan facility that crippled the bank until it liquidation. Also, John Mahama sold our bauxite to his brother Ibrahim Mahama for only $300,000 until His excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo leveraged it to the Chinese for $2bn. The Mahama brothers are like the Gupta’s of South Africa and that’s why they kicked out President Jacob Zuma because he was doing shady deals with the India’s with his family, no wonder Ghanaians also kicked them out. The NDC only know how to loot when governing so it wasn’t a surprise to us when Hon. Okudjato Ablakwa could complain of losing 20,000ghc in his car, a university graduate who had not even worked after completing school. All our struggles today, from the banking sector to all other departments are as a results of bad policies and the gargantuan corruption practices implemented by John Mahama, therefore, the NDC should not even encourage him to feel he is needed back because nobody wants him back.

From all indications, its clear that the NDC only want him back so he can continue to create, loot and share with them but we will not give them that chance. Now that John Mahama is learning how to govern from His excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, he should note that, there are some things in life you wish for but you never get them. He can go to his hometown for some lucrative farming, but for becoming President Ghana’s President again? Next generation! He can keep on wishing for his come back! As for dreams, no problem. But for someone who cannot even make decisions for himself to have become the president of this country, is something that our unborn children will never forgive us. Not anymore!

Long live LOKA
Long live NPP.
Long live Ghana

Benjamin Gyewu Appiah(Benghazi)
Spokesperson of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong/President of Loyalists of Kennedy Agyapong-LOKA


  • Nhyiraba Sadiq Jnr.

    10:31 | 6, Sep, 2018

    Aaaaarrhhhhh! You wrote this nonsense here and you want Ghanaians to clap for you? What has this family and friends government done for Ghanaians since in power? You still have the ordersity to talk shit about John Mahama. We already know Mahama is a threat to the NPP come #2020 general elections and so you want to sabotage him. You thieves God will publish you people for deceiving Ghanaians and letting them vote for you (NPP). Keep tickling yourself and laughing #2020 is just at the conner and we shall all see.

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