Kwame A-Plus is Continually Doing his Nut with Intent to Casting NPP in Bad Light

I shall be the greatest liar and fool to deny that Kwame A-Plus played a positive role in NPP’s success story in Election 2016. He did a marvellous job along with other celebrities like Agya Koo, Lucky Mensah and all the entire music actors and actresses who rallied support for a change of government from NDC to NPP.


However, out of all the celebrities, Kwame A-Plus has been very outspoken and critical of the NPP government all for good and bad reasons. He could not have been more of a crowd puller than say, Agya Koo or Lucky Mensah, during the NPP electioneering campaign. He is understood to have been awarded contracts by the NPP government and probably as greedy as he is, he is never satisfied and wants more hence having a go at the NPP at any least opportunity.


I cannot write him off completely as a nutter or a nagging thorn in the flesh of NPP. He could have some good reasons for taking NPP on, castigating them. Nevertheless, his threats to send NPP into opposition come election 2020 is the most silly utterance ever to be made by him. He claims to have helped bring NPP to power and will do to them as he did to NDC by sending them back to opposition.


Does Kwame A-Plus know how NPP came to power by winning a landslide on Wednesday, 7 December 2018? Yes, he did help but it was not based solely on the role he played and the song he made for the party. Ghanaians were fed up with the blatant corruption in perpetuation by President Mahama and his NDC government and cronies hence they needed a change. Does Kwame A-Plus know how NDC were prevented from rigging Election 2016 which they sure hope to hence then contestant president Mahama doing Hussain Bolt on political platforms, an indication that he had won the election already? Man proposes but God disposes!


Kwame A-Plus is a seeming political prostitute. He has said in one of his Facebook or YouTube postings that his best friends are former President Mahama and Ibrahim Mahama and that he met Ibrahim two days ago and had a chat with him. This assertion by him dates from the day he was recording his Facebook or YouTube posting in question. I have no interest to cite the link here since I do not see any relevance in it but a low IQ rabble-rouser doing his nut.


Doing his nut means to become extremely angry. He was accusing someone of having stolen GHC650 million to take to Zimbabwe to open up a company without having the guts to mention who the person is. However, from the look of his speech, the person might be a member of the NPP hence threatening to send NPP into opposition because he sees no reason why they should come to do the same corruption as NDC did. Here again is a person who idolises former President Mahama and his sibling Ibrahim Mahama who by their corrupt practices and craftiness have contributed to bringing Ghana down to her knees.


Had Ibrahim Mahama not defaulted on payment of a loan advanced to him by Merchant Bank hence sending the bank into distress and finally making it go bankrupt? Did he not team up with some people to buy the bank later on? Has this same Ibrahim Mahama not played a part to sending UT Bank into bankruptcy by failing to pay back the hefty sum of GHC302 million he borrowed from the bank, yet Kwame A-Plus prides himself of being his friend? How can he associate himself with corrupt persons, and still claims to be fighting corruption? He must be kidding! Is it not said, “Show me your friend and I shall tell you your character?”


Kwame A-Plus must be sick in his head/mind! I like his hatred for corruption but he should not pick and choose. If NPP are corrupt, he should say it and take them to the cleaners. Similarly, if NDC are corrupt, he must do the same to them. Who in Ghana does not know that John Dramani Mahama and his brother Ibrahim Mahama are corrupt yet, they are the friends this opportunist Kwame A-Plus?


The NPP are paying a price for their ungratefulness and the erection of impregnable wall around their leaders once they win election. I am sure they don’t even want to see someone like Lucky Mensah whose song was so electrifying and helped them more than that of Kwame A-Plus’ who is now doing their head-in.


If NPP leaders were farsighted enough, they would have a way to keep the celebrities who helped them as ambassadors to spread the government policies but as selfish and myopic as most of them are, as alleged by Kwame A-Plus, they don’t even want to know them same as that Alex Daddy pretends not to know the person he met at the London Heathrow airport on his one day return journey to London in December 2016. 


I shall advise Kwame A-Plus to name whoever has stolen Ghana money to open a company in Zimbabwe so that we all join efforts to chase that person for our money. Why can’t Ghanaian politicians be trusted for a second but they are all corrupt to the core?


If the trend of affairs do not change, I fear there will be a civil revolution to come to right the wrongs in perpetuation by our leaders. Every sensible Ghanaian is getting pissed off and with the sensitization going on, one day, will be a bad day for the nation’s corrupt politicians. Enough is enough with their corruption and the underrating of our intelligence and taxation of our patience.


Rockson Adofo


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