We are ready for Sanitation Minister’s call – Zoomlion

Zoomlion Ghana Ltd has assured the new Sanitation and Water Resources Minister, Mrs. Cecilia Abena Dapaah that it is more than ready to carry her vision into action to inure needed benefits for Ghanaians.

Indeed, the core to a clean environment and personal hygiene is sanitation and education towards behavioral change which has been one of Zoomlion’s strong pillars.

Using radio, television, community durbars, church and mosque programmes we have been one such strong force in sensitizing and educating the Ghana populace for a shift in socio-cultural change into best waste disposal. As a company we believe that no matter the interventions we make, if we do not change our attitude then nothing positive can be achieve”.

As a people we need to change our attitude towards the waste menace. People will have to be educated to know that even though Zoomlion and other waste management companies exist to clean, the country, it could be better off if we act responsibly especially in the area of waste management.

With your posture Mrs. Dapaah, we have no shred of doubt that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We therefore call on the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Authorities to ensure that the various sanitation bye-laws are enforced to the letter.

We want to assure you and Ghanaians that we shall continue to educate and clean the environment for a cleaner nation.

Ghanaians should therefore also do their part by being responsible in disposing their waste as waste management is a collective effort.


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