It’s really amazing n surprising the way Joy fm, a media station the NDC labeled as Regime Changers n said all manner of things about them to the point of even deciding to boycott their station or network as govt are today championing the cause n doing the bidding of the NDC ??

Now Joy fm’s news bulletin is only about the useless press conferences the NDC as a party is always doing or the useless Noise the NDC is making over policies of this govt.. Joy fm now adays only broadcast the lies n desperate propaganda of the NDC n their networks like COPEC led by Duncan Amoah n Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI GH…

Joy fm have deliberately turned a blind eye against all the pro poor policies the Akufo Addo govt is doing in the Shortest time in office n only talk about the concocted ills n fabricated lies been peddled around by the desperate NDC n their surrogates in Opposition which has no iota of truth in them… Sometimes Joy fm through their misrepresentation n misinformation even tries to destroy the pro poor policies this govt is rolling out by trying soo desperately to attack the policies with the ills of society n a typical example is the Free SHS..

Joy fm tried to destroy the Free SHS by trying to associate the policy with the outbreak of Diseases in few schools in Ghana which previously happened even when there were no Free SHS under the one term Pres of Ghana Ford ma 🔨… They did the same thing to the Govt’s Planting for Food n Jobs by trying hard to destroy that policy when there’s an outbreak of the Fall Army Worm… The same thing happened when there were one or two Robbery cases in the country, Joy fm again portrayed n reported the situation as if there was a complete breakdown of Security under the selfless president with swag Akufo Addo buh meanwhile worst Robbery cases n contract killing became the order of the day under the most Competent n Corrupt one term Pres of Ghana Ford ma 🔨 buh Joy fm kept mute over them because it happened under Ford ma 🔨 n NDC

Seems Joy fm have developed a new harmonious Love with the NDC who once attacked their Integrity as a media house n therefore nothing this current NPP Govt under God sent Akufo Addo does pleases them buh we in the great elephant party NPP will not call them Regime Changers or attack them the way their new found Love NDC did because Joy fm can never cause a Change of this Govt with their deliberate lies n false news about the President n his Govt so they can continue to do their Propaganda with the help of their new found Love NDC whiles the Govt also goes ahead to fulfill all the Promises we made to the Ghanaian people…. Simple

I rest ma case


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