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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Ghanaian Men Don’t Proposed Now A Days – Female Nurses Lament


A group of female Nurses in Ghana have lamented that Ghanaian men are not coming forward to ask them out on a date nor talk of asking for their hand in marriage.

The Nurses who are gainfully employed and reaped for marriage are now filled with anxieties and fears because the men are not forthcoming.

They told Fnnewsonline.com;

“We are ready for marriage but the men are not coming forward to propose marriage. They just want to have fun with you and go. We have grown past that level now. What we want now is marriage, not fun”.

Some of them in an attempt to find answers to as why men are not coming forward have concluded that they are in this situation because of the negative perceptions men have that Nurses are bad and promiscuous.

“Most men think nurses are spoiled and disrespectful but that is not the case. We are only serious with our jobs. We try to put some respect on ourselves which men misunderstood for disrespects”.

Others had also concluded that men are scared of the successful career women because they feel intimated.



    1. Female Teachers are also very scarce in the society now. They are the best wives so we are booking them even when they are still students

  1. Whiles am here seriously searching for a nurse to marry. I need one to marry and that person must be serious in life and full of love. Reach me on 0242908570.

  2. Hmmmm, men of these days need a woman as wife, not necessarily profession. So they should stop posting as nurses and act as women of decency .

  3. please am very serious looking for a nurse but I feel slow to move forward and this is the time so if you are a nurse and you think you are ready then you can try and send me message on the phone with this number 0542142027. So we can talk privately

  4. This serious!!!! It could be that their demands are beyond the reach of these men they so much desire to marry.

  5. it’s because ladies of now a days are not ready to suffer with the young men to build their future rather they want all ready made to enjoy, they fellow sugar daddies and their fellow women’s husbands because they have already made it. The young determined men are looking for young determined ladies to marry but my ladies are not ready to hustle a bit

    it’s just unfortunate that ghanian girls not only nurses at times behaves funny and been proud of themselves a lot and they do discriminate that for you been a ghanian they can’t date you.because i have gotten the experience once that’s why i stick to my self since then but i don’t mind if i can get any here please,this is my ghanian line 0267601210 or you can what’s app me on +2348029865403.thanks

  7. When you see that ladies are talking this way guys it’s not a job please what they saying is very serious so we all should help them,and to tell them to calm down with respect in prayer and God will locate each one of them to get the kind of men they looking forward to spend the rest of their life with thanks ladies and God bless you

  8. Men are afraid of marriage that will not last the test of time. Many Ghanaian ladies prefer being a single mother . They don’t want to be under the control of a man, and men by their nature, detest that. This is where different religious groups have to play an important role, by teaching the ladies what marriage is all about.

  9. Write your comment here…hmmmmm….its not a matter of outer beauty…but the inside one as well…..I mean CHARACTER…..that’s why I’m afraid of nowadays ladies…..fellow men…take time so u get a better wife….or else u will die young……!!!!!

  10. Write your comment here…Great man with faithfulness is here searching for a nurse to marry. connect me on 0245 742995 is serious.

  11. Am so sorry for my sister’s,but beautiful one not too old between 24 to 26 shld contact me on 0247859332

  12. for the where, all this are false accusations on thier part .now them follow money not love… make I rest koraaa, so the media to have time to report this chaaiiiii. but those nurses forget say they now turn demselves as ” gold diggers and slayqueens “who doesn’t want to sweat, everything on a silver platter is what their expecting.. u will remain singles like that is a promise not a threat… Write your comment here…

  13. Write your comment here…if they want us to marry them they should behave as marriage materials,not that of disrespectful life they are living in.

  14. They are just arrogant to say, I just left a serious relationship with one of them and trust me as a teacher am going in for a female teacher. My little advice though, they should just be humble because wearing that Green and White doesn’t guarantee them marriage. It pays to be humble

  15. I seriously need one between 22 to 28… interested should call or watsapp me on +4915213054208
    Please I’m not joking

  16. Thanks for you Ladies, just for telling as your heart desire.Well honestly am seriously looking for Nurse to marry, my what’s app number is 0247978397.

  17. It’s nice ideas that they came out and said this but I will like to advice them that respect is the first thing in life,so they should bring they’re self down we can get closer to them 💯💗

  18. No that is not the case but they feel big in their uniforms. And men also fear them . Anyway my arms are open wide . Please contact me. 0268431623 Nana

  19. these nurses feel so big that they want people with money especially those in the upper west region. they see themselves like they are on top of the world. but when you come to Obuasi in the Ashanti region carpenters, shoe makers are the people dating nurses and that is what the those in upper west don’t like. I Gess those complaining are from upper west. they should be there and be waiting for the already made men.

  20. Haaaba some men are shameful look at how they are approaching this situations.. Instead of giving better advice to our dear sisters ua rather taking advantage to propose to them.. hmmm its pitiful… Pls sisters take time OK it shall surely be well ur time will come, beware of bad men who are trying to take advantage of u girls, as a matter of fact they are not holy. Truly truly they all have girlfriends whom they are refusing to marry so be on the look out.. #beware of fraud…There should be something wrong some where which needs to be addressed so lets form a group chat to fine a solution to this problem and hopefully i believe God will make a way.. This is my number interested persons should add me on WhatsApp so dat we can fight ds canker and battle together.. # 0544921785.. 0506491235… 🙏 🙏

  21. Nurses u re not the problem buh us cos everyman has a motive of getting a wife who will take care of the kids when he isn’t around , for instance if I am a military man and my wife is a nurse who will take care of my kids unless I send them to her mother or my mother cos she won’t have time for them ,buh a teacher will always be there for her kids cos she is free on vacationS and holidays and even she will close at 3pm and come home .so pls don’t blame urself it’s our notion

  22. Am Kennedy, am a newly trained teacher. I leave at Keta in the Volta region. Any lady who is single and willing to date towards marriage should call 0247009681 or whatsapp me on 0245596876.

    Thank you.

  23. Write your comment here…hmmmmm even if you approach them they will complain if you don’t they they complain as well. well am looking for a serious one of course 0245907590

  24. It’s not only nurses…many women are looking for husband but many of them and some of the parents has made marriage difficult for the men. IF MARRIAGE BECOME EXPENSIVE, DEFINITELY FORNICATION WILL BECOME CHEAP. Also there are many women in the world that men but many women don’t like share their husbands with other sisters. It becomes a problem If a husband tell his wife he want to add another woman. So most men practice fornication outside marriage. May Allāh All-Mighty help us and grant us goodness.

  25. It’s not only nurses…many women are looking for husband but many of them and some of the parents has made marriage difficult for the men. IF MARRIAGE BECOME EXPENSIVE, DEFINITELY FORNICATION WILL BECOME CHEAP. Also there are many women in the world than men but many women don’t like to share their husbands with other sisters. It becomes problem If a husband tell his wife he want to add another woman in marriage. So some men go out there and practice fornication outside marriage. May Allāh All-Mighty help us and grant us goodness.

  26. Seriously?…marriage is a sacred thing instituted by God so why d rush? Pls my dear sisters,stop giving room for people to pity u n insult d profession. Av sam self respect and stop dis shameful things of selling ur self out for people to laugh at you…very disappointed.

  27. Write your comment here…ohhuu I always dreaming of marriage a nurse o .
    pls call me if u are ready for marriage

  28. Its really though majority of nurses (ladies) in Ghana are too proud of themselves and even don’t respect a lot of men, others who also have the little respect for men also want a man who has achieved a very high status to be their husband, so is this the issue ⚠️ of men nowadays not proposing to them for marriage??
    Naa, most of them need to change their attitude

  29. I’m interested to marry a nurse but am that slow person to propose to them I will be very happy if one can propose to me this my contact 0279219940

  30. There is a wise saying that beds of the feathers fly together. Guys want ladies who will respect them too. I go married to a business woman who has been my friend over the years. I proposed to her in twenty forteen and we got married last year. She helped me in diverse ways. Girls, help your friends same way so you help yourself.

    1. Is a simple thing to understand but God is in control, I need a Muslim nurse, a serious minded one please, +233243040648 is my number so we talk privately or whatsApp, thank you.

  31. I was once told nurses are much comfortable with doctors. It’s their own fault. Now look, guys are fed up with this flexing nurses, now caterers and female teachers believe me are more humble than anyone. If any nurse wants to know, they should contact me.

  32. Luke 1:37. nothing is impossible with God. arrogant is cowardice. The few beautiful onse spoil the chances of the innocent onse, so sorry. They least get angry on their guys all because there are so many guys at her door step. don’t forget guys proposed not ladies , definitely guys will come day in and day out to cause confusion but it takes you to accept , respect, love and civilized to the one you are with. psalms 37:7 be patient and wait for the Lord to act… pray and fast the door will be wide. I always love this quote Ecclesiastes 7:4. someone who is always thinking about happiness is a fool. some of the nurses don’t want to be build up with guys , ready made. ” look beyond the curtain natural always. last quote . Isaiah 60: 22. when the time is right the Lord God will make it happen.

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