Dr. Richard Ahiagbah writes: There is a strange thing happening to the opposition NDC

Dr. Richard Ahiagbah writes:

There is a strange thing happening to the opposition NDC……. They are suddenly vigorously opposed to every social policy especially, Free SHS. It has nothing to do with time or progressive implementation because when we need to educate Ghana today to ensure a capable human resource for economic or development take-off tomorrow, time is definitely neutral factor.

So why is the NDC opposed to Free SHS, a critical and necessary social intervention policy?

My guess, if you ask is, the NDC is either confused about their Social Democratic values or are redefining their values in opposition. Whatever the case, something is inherently wrong or contradictory about the opposition to Free SHS…….Social Democratic Talkers.

There’s exactly one difference between talkers and doers. Talkers talk to explain or justify why they delay or procrastinate today’s critical decisions for tomorrow, but

Doers, the NPP do what they promise Ghanaians they would do. Doers do not shy away from challenges. Doers embrace all policy challenges as a means to perfecting or achieving their vision or dream.

In others words, doers are nation builders, but talkers are just talkers. No action.

It is clear that, Ghanaians today wants doers when it comes to ensuring that, the benefit of education reach all the future leaders of Ghana .

Talkers will always be talkers…. they will find ways to justify after 8 years of inaction that, Free SHS should be progressive because of infrastructure deficit. Infrastructure is a problem or limitations because the NDC has failed to invest.

NPP and President Nana Addo will not allow the failure of the NDC to constitute a basis to deny education to Ghana’s future leaders.

The NPP, will do everything possible to fulfill our campaign promises. So, we will fight on, to embrace the difficult but necessary double intake measure to overcome the infrastructural deficit bequeathed to us by the talking NDC……….

Let’s stand with our President to make Free SHS, Double Intake work.

Let’s do whatever it takes to deliver the blessings of Free SHS to all now since progressive implementation approach of the NDC, delays and denies education to the majority of Ghanaians.


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