AMERI was aware of new power deal – Energy Ministry insists

The Energy Ministry has challenged claims by AMERI Energy that it was not involved in discussions about the revised power deal.

According to the Ministry, AMERI was aware of the new deal and authorized an individual to represent the company in consenting to the revised arrangement.

The Spokesperson for the ministry, Nana Damoah, in a Citi News interview said it had in its possession a letter in which AMERI gave an individual the authority to accent to the new deal.

AMERI Energy, in a letter cited by indicated that it was not aware of the new power deal that was going to see a new company take over the deal and pay off AMERI.

“We have recently been following the news circulating in the media about the Novation of Ameri BOOT Agreement. For purposes of the said novation, we were given an impression by the new party that all the permits, permissions and requisite approvals from the stakeholders (ie. Ministry of Finance, Attorney General’s Office, VRA, PURC) have been obtained before presenting this amended draft to the cabinet and the President for approval,” it said.

“As you are fully aware, we have never been involved with your ministry in any kind of negotiations or discussions related to this Novation and Amendment Agreement. Moreover, also never had insight of any commercial discussion between you and the new party, therefore could not have verified that the above permissions were not obtained at the time of presentation before the Parliament,” the letter stated.

But according to Nana Damoah, the Ministry has cause to doubt the authenticity of the letter since it did not receive the said communication but rather, a letter from AMERI appointing someone to represent it in approving the new plan.


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