HAS THE PRESIDENT ACTUALLY ADMITTED THAT HE HAS BEEN MISLED? But in all these happenings, is there any paper document issued and signed by the President or anybody at the office of the President to say that, the President admits that he has been misled on the renegotiated AMERI deal? Who has sen that document/statement? Who fabricated that statement that the President says he’s been misled on the matter and what does the person seeks to achieve? Do you know who are those behind this engineering such dangerous lies and embarrassing propaganda aboutthe President? I listened to a letter read on Newsfile as has been issued by the VRA, suggesting also that, if all the planned plants they envisage to install in Ghana take place, the AMERI power plant maybe put on standby for emergency use only in future. This is to suggest that, it may be advisable for the govt go ahead paying the $300 million plus the accrued debts left to go in 2.7 years, to AMERI as agree under the existing contract. Two questions, what is the timeline for all the planned plants envisaged to be installed, going to actually take place in Ghana, so as to initiate the AMERI plant to go into a standby mode? Secondly, why force ourselves to pay off the $300m in shorted possible period for an item that will be put into standby, whiles there’s an opportunity to pay the same at lower amount in instalments over a longer period so that can use the rest of the money to do something else? Further question are that, why think of putting a plant that has a capacity to generate over 250MW easily into standby for emergency use only, whiles the country is still not able to meet its power demand, and also to pay for the management whiles it’s on standby? What sense what make? Why all these dangerous propaganda going in our own govt? The letter read as issued by the VRA, who is that powerful hand in the govt or outside the govt behind that letter, forcing the CEO/VRA to issue that statement? This is really interesting, somebody must put his feet on the grounds to stop this dangerous tendency started in the govt. Is Ghana so rich that we could have power plant with capacity to generate 250MW on standby? Wow! Is the claim true that the President says he was misled? How possible? And if not, who is actually engineering all these behind, causing such embarrassing news about the President so as to tarnish the image of the Minister of Energy as well to get him removed, so that they could achieve their ferocious aim? What is happening in NPP gov’t, the Backbiting and backstabbing going on, is extremely dangerous. Not good at all. Who would expect that the AMERI BOOT as a company to issue a statement in support of a idea that is supposed to end a contract they have in Ghana? Will you do that, whiles yoi know a new company is pencilled to take over from your existing contractor? Should Ghana seek as country seek a permission from the outgoing company or seek to negotiate anything with an outgoing company before before it sends the new contract to parliament for ratification? Therefore, what was the essence in the letter issued by the AMERI BOOT in Ghana that the ministry of Energy has not consulted them? Consult them for what business? I don’t get all these dramas going on with this deal. I ask again, when the Price was $250million, Ghana said it can’t pay, it went to $510million to be paid in 5 years. Now the Price of the same plant stands at $300 million. The govt is struggling to keep payment, hence wants to pay off the $300 million with interest in 15 years at a lower instalments. Is this a big deal? Hmmmm. NPP chaiii!! I think the President must sit up, else those family members manipulating his office for their interest bring him down.


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