Inna Maryam Patty, CEO of Exclusive Events

Allegations against Miss Ghana organisers regrettable – Inna Patty

Inna Maryam Patty, Chief Executive Officer of Exclusive Events, organizers of Miss Ghana beauty pageant has described the series of call outs by some past Queens on issues of unfair treatment and being cheated by the brand as unfortunate.

Her comment follows claims by some past winners of the prestigious annual pageant that her outfit exploits models by coercing them to indulge in acts against their wish aside shocking revelations about the ordeal they go through.

There have always been several scandals surrounding the Miss Ghana pageant, with sexual favours from well to do men being the paramount, although Inna Maryam Patty and her team have denied the reports.

With the recent being the resignation of this year’s winner Margarete Dery, she remorsefully wrote on social media that being Miss Ghana “has honestly been one of the worse experiences of my life.”

Ms Dery, confident that the actual truth will soon be known, encouraged beauty Queens who have been victims of exploits by Exclusive Events “never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty, truth, and compassion against injustice, lying and greed.”

Inna Patty, responding to the compounding accusations at the launch of Miss Ghana 2018, retorted that the accusations are, “regrettable, unfortunate, and sad.”The CEO of Exclusive Events, dared the ladies to submit the list of ‘big men’ whom they are sent to in return for financial assistance while promising to let the necessary law enforcement agencies take it up or send it to the police.

“We’ve been waiting for the ladies to submit the names of the so called big men that we send them to sleep with them, I mean for sexual favours or sponsorship.”She, however, disclosed that the legal team of the company are working towards serving the ladies with writ of summons so as to allow the “law take its course.”


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