Policeman who assaulted woman in banking hall arrested

The police officer, who assaulted a nursing mother at the banking hall of a Midland Savings and Loans branch in Accra, has been arrested and placed behind bars, following the order of the Inspector General of Police, Mr David Asante Apeatu.

The Director General of Police Public Affairs, ACP David Eklu who made this known said the officer was stationed at the police headquarters and that, the IGP issued the order immediately after watching the video of the incident, which has go viral

The IGP is currently in Kumasi in connection with the disturbances at Asawasi following the killing of seven suspected armed robbers by the police.

The police officer, named as Frederick Amanor Skalla beat a customer of Midland Savings and Loans to in a banking hall.

The Police Service has launched investigations into the brutalities, officials have confirmed.


A footage of a Police officer in uniform assaulting the woman with a baby strapped behind her on social media has sparked outrage among Ghanaians.

The shows the officer, who had a gun with him, hitting the woman on the head repeatedly and slapping her at a point, despite a desperate attempt by an unidentified man to separate them.

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Meanwhile, Midland Savings and Loans has also reported the case to the police. Management of the financial institution has condemned the brutality which was “meted out to a customer.”

Commenting on the incident, the Minister of Interior, Mr Ambrose Dery said he called the IGP immediately after seeing the video and told him to take action on the matter.

He said it was unacceptable for a “policeman to be that hostile, to be so wicked, to be that barbaric to another woman.”

He said he has asked the IGP to look at the matter and deal with it immediately.

Watch a video of the incident below


  • Mr. Isaac N. Annan

    08:23 | 21, Jul, 2018

    The involved Police Officer must face all deserve charges as to be given to a husband who raises hand on his wife. Police Officer must preserve Peace in the nation, which is Citizens one interest in the GPS, but this Police Officer in statement has gone too contrary to the Right of Human. Can someone who is wicked help fight against wickedness, absolutely Not. The image of the nursing mother is widely spread, how will the husband be... I'm sure almost all the Citizens will agree to the firing of this Unqualified Police Officer from Ghana Police Service. Thank You!!

    • Collins Boame (MR Phantom)

      07:55 | 21, Jul, 2018

      Write your comment here...This Man must be punish. why did treat some one like this if this woman is closed to me i should hv died with the Police man or i will find his wife Mother to the same to them. i have cried since i watch the video i cant even eat. hmmmm

      • Oncle Nyck

        07:24 | 21, Jul, 2018

        action must be taken against the bank manager. if he has not oder the policeman to drag he woman out it won't end up my that way. the wan did not come to beg for money. it is her own money. if she came to deposit money, will the bank refuse to collect it?

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