If Only the President will Heed some of my Advice….

I remember publishing an article not long ago in which I admonished the government to have it as a policy to continue, but not to discontinue, with national projects left uncompleted by her predecessor governments. This is because the money used to start the projects are the taxpayers’ but not the departing government’s.  Regardless of being accused by ignorant persons and myopic outgoing Presidents that the fact that the incoming government or the ruling government has not initiated any projects of their own but to continue with theirs amount to the new government being clueless should not deter the current government from completing projects started by previous governments. It is better to complete such projects if they are really of national and local interests rather than starting new ones. Leaving uncompleted projects to rot away while starting new ones is not the way forward to building a nation.


 Additionally, I published an article advising the President and Ghanaians to see the numerous promises by the President as long term projects requiring a 30-year development plan to achieve but not a one term of four years or two terms of a total eight years to achieve.


I have published numerous articles in which I put out credible suggestions almost all of which had gone unheeded. Had I not suggested in one or two of my publications that His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo had better take a cue from His Excellency Dr John Joseph Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania and His Excellency Paul Kagame of Rwanda? These two leaders are known to be performing wonders that are putting their African countries on the pedestal of economic development and nation building.


Had I not suggested in my articles the need to task the military to assist the police in fighting armed robberies in Ghana, citing how in France the soldiers are ordered out of their barracks to assist the police in times of great need?


How best can I help my country other than to come up with credible suggestions, pass them on to the leaders who are in position of power to implement them to ameliorate the standard of living of the citizenry? My final one will be the inspirational articles are I am seriously working on to encourage Ghanaians to get involved in our nation development in all sincerity. However, if you are not into active politics, people seem not to value your views but there is coming a time and day that people will bite their fingers in regret for failing to heed my advice. It would have become too late and a “had I known…” to them.


I am happy that Mr Kusi Boafo has returned from Rwanda to give us a true picture of how a nation is built and the wonders His Excellency Paul Kagame is performing. Can we replicate them in Ghana? Many a Ghanaian including me expected His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to be in the same category as the two mentioned Presidents but he seems to have lost his expected magnetic flame that endeared him to the populace.


He is doing well but just that he is not having effective means of communication to rally the public behind his policies that are constantly being countered or negated by the NDC for their myopic and selfish intents.


Following Mr Kusi Boafo’s return visit to Rwanda, I shall suggest to the President to sponsor hundred Ghanaians to Rwanda not on a fact-finding mission but to ascertain the wonders being performed by the President of Rwanda for themselves. When these people do return to Ghana, they will become ambassadors to spread the message and to get people to support the government’s policies. We need to develop the nation hence the need for giving the visionary His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo the time and peace to implement his noble policies without buying into the propaganda by the NDC to return to power sooner after all the gargantuan corruption they inflicted on the nation.


The suggested trip will be better value for money. The composition of the people should be say, three people from the music industry which should surely include Lucky Mensah and Nana Ampadu. Their lyrics are advisory and do inspire people to take to positive actions to effect changes for the better. There could be two or three actors/actresses which should surely include Agya Koo. They can use what they see to make films to change the negative and evil mind-sets of Ghanaians to the positive and well-intentioned mind-sets of the Rwandans.


We should get twenty farmers. Not only the rich ones but also, the poor farmers who on return can share their views with their colleagues to take after the noble policies as are in place in Rwanda. Two pastors and two Imams with about four poor church members and four poor Muslims. The pastors and the Imams will learn to conduct themselves in a more disciplined manner than how roguishly we currently see them in Ghana. We should get one or two teachers, two police officers, three people who are among the galamsayers in the field destroying our water bodies and lands but not their rich foreign or local employers.


The composition should not be partisan-based but must cut across the board. After spending say a week there and coming back to Ghana, they could help spread the message to fellow Ghanaians about how our nation could be better developed. The people must come from across all the ten regions. They will become instruments of effective communication. Communication is vital in the success of marriage and any company.


We should all rise to the challenge of developing Ghana. People from the media and some parliamentarians must be on the trip. This suggestion must be developed by the President and his government to see if it is credible.


Anyone interested in drinking from my fountain of overflowing wisdom must go back to read almost all my published articles and be ready to enjoy what I plan coming out with in the not too distant future.


Don’t give up on Ghana, elder brother Kyei Boateng. All those Ghanaians residing abroad  and have decided to have nothing to do with Ghana because of the chronic institutional corruption being masterminded and orchestrated by our politicians and heads on institutions, I say to you, please rescind your decision for if the back of your teeth is bitter, it is there that you lick. Ghana is your home country despite taking up a foreign nationality. Therefore, we have to help build our nation. If the occasion demands that we take our leaders to the cleaners, so be it. Let us hold them accountable as well as anyone with negative attitudes that inhibit the advancement of Ghana.


Watch these two videos to change your evil mind-set, oh my fellow Ghanaian.







Rockson Adofo


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