In light of the recent publications going round the media space pertaining to the purported disassociation of the BBC from funding or working with Anas Aremeyaw Anas on his recent exposé, it has become imperative that as a group we add our voices to that of teeming Ghanaians and ask relevant questions..

First and foremost, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his “evil” godfather claimed on various media spaces to have received funding from the BBC, when he was questioned about his source of funding from the project.
If what is coming out today is anything to go by, then Anas needs to come clean on his source of funding.

Secondly, Kennedy Agyapong ought to be commended when he says there is more to Anas than meets the eye.
If Anas cannot be truthful concerning his source of funding, motive and other issues, what shows that he has not been throwing dust in the eyes of the good people of the republic.

Now that the BBC has denied any collaboration or whatsoever with Anas and his tiger eye PI, we would want to know the true source of Anas’ funding.

We the loyalists, would therefore urge all media houses to stop treating this as mere gimmicks on the efforts of the Law Maker in exposing the said gentleman and bringing truth to light, and start questioning the motives of the said journalist and let fairness, truth, justice and transparency prevail.
We are also calling on the various agencies in charge of security and revenue amongst other things to kindly probe the affairs of the journalist, since his operations and work hinder on public opinion and the public interest hence the National Security of the country comes into play with regards to his actions and inactions.
If what the BBC has said is indeed true, then the said Father and Son in the journalism sector can be said to have both conspired to deceive public knowledge.
Hence, such conduct from Kweku Baako and Anas may have legal implications.
This is because, Kwaku Baako who is the Editor-In-Chief of a major news paper and Anas who happens to be a lawyer should have known better when they falsely made those representations about the fact that BBC collaborated with Tyger Eye.

Finally, we would want to state clearly that, Anas and his entire team is not to be trusted. They must not be entertained since they are fraudulent people.

Benjamin Gyewu Appiah

Comm. Director
Kwesi Botchway Jnr


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