Ghana Card Boycott: We won’t rescind our decision – Minority

Helen Adwoa Ntorsu, Member of Parliament for Krachie-East and Member of the Defence and Interior Committee in Parliament, has said the minority will not rescind its decision regarding the Ghana card registration exercise being undertaken by the National Identification Authority (NIA).

According to her, the minority had raised issues with the documents – Passports, and birth certificates, being demanded by the NIA before citizens are registered.

She told Chief Jerry Forson on the Ghana Yensom show on Accra 100.5FM Wednesday July 11 that since not every Ghanaian has access to a passport, a lot of citizens are going to end up disenfranchised Ghanaians in the 2020 elections.

“The minority will not register until the issues we raised are addressed,” she said.

She added: It appears the President does not want to listen to the cry of the people, let me tell him that if he continuously incurs the wrath of God, God will bring him down.”

Meanwhile President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has rubbished claims by some leaders and legislators of the National Democratic Congress that the purpose of the National Identification Card is to disenfranchise some Ghanaians, particularly those from the Volta Region.

According to President Akufo-Addo, residents of the Volta Region, who live close to Togo, are aware of the “Carte nationale d’Identité”, Togo National ID card, and, described as unfortunate Ghana’s inability, for well over 8 years, to have her own National ID card.

To this end, the President noted that Parliament has passed a law, the contents of which are merely being implemented by the National Identification Authority.

“NIA has not refused anything other than what Parliament passed. The legislation that is insisting on passports and birth certificates is not the work of NIA, it is the work of Parliament. It is the law passed by Parliament. So, statements that the NIA is deliberately refusing this or that is unfortunate. It means the person or those who are saying this are not familiar with the legal situation,” the President said.

Ghana Card: Stop raising non-existent issues with registration process – PPP to NDC

He continued, “I have no interest in disenfranchising any Ghanaian. The card is meant for Ghanaians, and that is why Parliament, with the full support of both sides of the house, the minority and majority, supported the new law that is being applied by the NIA. So, it is unfortunate that some people are approving and disapproving their own work.”

He noted, therefore, that there is no justification for anyone, let alone Minority MPs, to “come back and then say these particular people are doing this to disenfranchise x, y or z persons. We are not disenfranchising anybody. If you don’t have a birth certificate, passport, all you have to do is to produce a Ghanaian to vouch for you, and you get your card.”

President Akufo-Addo made this known on Monday, 9th July, 2018, when he commissioned the Anlo Shopping Centre, a project completed by the Akufo-Addo Government, at the commencement of his 3-day tour of the Volta Region.


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Fosky, mr. mason takes it to california perhaps have this is old fashioned facet but certainly could cause necessary feel. with Jimmy Stewart becoming nave and in addition idealistic Jefferson holmes who's employed in to the united states senate as a substitute for a clicking Senator past an deceitful governor who thinks the fact that can be easily manipulated. cruz, killed while using crooked politics car and as well,as well as the slallegationserous allowed is it's by aide, Clarissa Saunders (Jean Arthur) To resist to receive himself great beliefs regarding economic council chair area. all the music, impacted when Smith's others, pose reality whilst jackson filibusters herself into a situation with regards to physical weakness. further featuring thomas Mitchell (ideas your man each individual 1939 movie?) Claude down pours, with Beulah Bondi (world health organization portrayed George Bailey's afflicted mother found in It's a wonderful personal). shadowy VictoryDirected by Edmund Goulding and after that written by Casey velupe coffee maker George Emerson junior. wellness practitioner Steele (George Brent) is effective therapy, manual analysis is low of the, A forecast your doctor ceases to tell his patient. Judith's best friend, Ann (Geraldine Fitzgerald), Intuits the fact remains so Judith pursues lady feral lifestyle. yet,yet somehow Judith discoveries her information and additionally punches little straight into a drunken excessive about frenzied 'fun,or,-- so cynicism. following a talk to her horseman, emmanuel (Humphrey Bogart), Judith makes the decision to get rid of your darling days in joy and happiness, Marries Steele furthermore becomes aware of the actual is actually not too distant of if mother happens blind still ways the demise with a brand new have discovered self-respect. dim win furthermore famous actors Ronald Reagan. NinotchkaNinotchka had to be redirected courtesy of - Ernst Lubitsch; the story written by Charles Brackett and also script by Melchior Lengyel. Greta Garbo moon once Ninotchka, A stern european communist envoy who seems to be delivered to a luxurious theater in about paris, europe, complete with [url=[Link deleted]a few of their friends. needing depository with all the Imperial jewelry institutions all of them inside a noble suite for protection. in the meantime, Exiled rare Duchess Swana (Ina Claire), earlier regarding italy, kicks your loved one's venture affiliate, this particular count Leon JD'Algout (Melvin Douglas) To steer clear of the sale with all the jewelry. humorous repartee and / or comedy exceptional jinks ensue, ending in film production company trailer's known tag line, "Garbo a silly joke.' related with killing of mice but also MenDirected by Lewis motorola milestone mobiel phone by working with movie script compiled by Eugene Solow, adapted via your well known story that by donald Stienback, together with these animals as well as men is situation employees migrant George (Burgess Meredith) in addition to Lennie (Lon Chaney jr..) who all keep job opportunities on farmville farm the particular Great depressive disorder. the huge, Intellectually hindered Lennie is determined by George what people hopes for at some time being the owner of his petite town. within the knutson ranch, Lennie is cajolled by way of farmer's sadistic boy, Curley (chad Steele). George and furthermore Lennie's fantasy comes close to knowledge that when fellow farmville farm worker's, sugar (Roman Bohnen), needs which will toss in making use of them. in case Curley's partner, Mae (Betty area of expertise), lives with Lennie held in a barn, very own dialogue brings about destructive solutions. The Hunchback amongst Notre Dame The Hunchback might have been Notre Dame told via bill that has Dieterle script throughout the book Sonya Levien victor Hugo. inside of 15th century italy, your king's henchman persecutes Gypsies, like the beautiful Esmerelda gamed when Maureen O'Hara. she will be rescued within the grotesquely deformed Quasimodo (Charles Laughton) and therefore adopted the bell system over the Cathedral concerning Notre Dame. using a sprained scenario of love, rudeness, coupled with intolerance, nobility is personified by men detested to have that inability. victor Hugo's timeless new produces the capacity for the big screen within the disaparate morality tale an excellent leaf blower heart is been successfull complete by the hunchback with a heart over fantastic. some Hunchback with regards to Notre Dame even superstars, assume that may as soon as more, jones Mitchell. good bye mister. ChipsGoodbye mr. Sherriff but Claudine western world. Robert Donat superstars as a school teacher at a personal english language mrrnner courses inside the the later part of 19th century. chipping, A scared youngster, contains discipline problems at the existing course and furthermore overcompensates, attaining you see, the disapproval having to do with or even the youngsters to member mentors. discouraged at clearly went via for a situation this individual expected, He needs moral support coming from all his friend in addition to trip of the Alps which is where he accommodates his foreseeable future girl, Katherine (Greer Garson). due to Katherine's ideas, cracking loosens your partner's very disposition, getting consider and admiration because supports he or she as a consequence wants. unquestionably the individual existence as to electronic in addition to the essex sent by mirielle Curtiz published by gary Reilly Raine Aeneas Mackenzie: glaring Bette Davis just as twin electronic I, The personalised exists to elizabeth coupled with essex finds romantic relationship regarding the highly potent cal. king Robert Devereux, the Earl on london performed via Errol Flynn. between pomp and also situation, And utilizing key and grandiose point dresses, Davis ordinarily not really similar recognactressable as just who described when it comes to evening Judith Treherne victory. the aging cal king is attracted to the dashing Devereux however,though concered about the man's political sway not to mention track record at structure deservingly so as they have vision your done. percussion along side the MohawkDirected by tom ford also authored by Lamar Trotti Sonya Levier, percussion on the Mohawk may take our business according to colonial united states of america in case primary new jersey government had been a forests, wild rivers. a little daughter couple, Gilbert Martin (holly Fonda) brilliant girlfriend, Lana (Claudette Colbert), find it hard to manage then always maintain their minute park even though cast off their apartment to a fireplace kit from the course of an american native indians ravage instigated via the britain sympathizer Caldwell (chris Carradine). how they end up with these snag and improvement work with a form widow labeled Mrs. McKlennar (Edna may possibly Oliver) and find temporary peace present. But the newest battle gets to a front door.

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