I was never a subject of a criminal investigation – ‘Facebook MP’ replies A Plus

Author of ‘Faceoff with the international MP’, Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng, has stated categorically that he was never a subject to criminal investigations but was only summoned before a disciplinary tribunal of the Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority in England and Wales.

He said, there was no finding of fraud and certainly no conviction because he was innocent and was not sent to court.

Over the weekend, popular musician and a sympathizer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwame Asare-Obeng popularly known as A-Plus accused Mr Nkrumah-Boateng of defrauding people by false pretence when he was in England.

In a post on his Facebook timeline with attached screenshots of the ruling, A Plus wrote, “In 2012 he (Rodney) was found guilty by a tribunal in the UK for defrauding people by false pretence that he was a lawyer when he was not. He was also found guilty for arranging fake marriages and taking money from the unsuspecting persons.”

This, the self-acclaimed Facebook MP in a response on his Facebook timeline stated, “Fraud is a criminal offence, and in England and Wales it is only tried at the crown court. The tribunal did not refer the matter to the police for possible prosecution, which is also important to note.”

He said he remained in the United Kingdom (UK) from June 2009 when the incident arose until April 2011 when he finally relocated to Ghana.

“Indeed, in 2014, I travelled back to the UK for a one-month holiday. A claim therefore that I am a wanted person in the UK and cannot travel to, or work there, is clearly absurd,” he noted.

Mr Nkrumah-Boateng, however, stated “I don’t ever know A Plus, save read about him in the news, and he has never been the subject of any post by me on my Facebook wall. I have only bantered with a Facebook friend, the famous Wisdom Anani over service of court processes through social media. This is an emerging feature in the courts of Ghana I thought of as exciting, but not because of it affecting any particular person.”

He stressed that he had never asserted that he is an angel because he is human and has his own issues in life.
“But I have never cowed to a mistake and allowed it to keep me down. My mistakes in life are fully acknowledged and learnt from. My focus, however, is to keep moving, and so will I, never allowing anything or anyone to push me down,” he said.


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