John Boadu Must Stop Lying About Richard Ahiagbah .

John Boadu Must Stop Lying About Richard Ahiagbah .

We are concerned about the increasing rate of intentional lies being peddled by the John Boadu and his campaign about Richard Ahiagbah, the earlier he stops it, the better.
John Boadu is going around tarnishing Richard Ahiagbah as being new to the party. Richard Ahiagbah is not new to NPP, he is a grassroots operative who started working for the NPP in Ketu South since 1992.
If he John Boadu, does not know the Richard Ahiagbah has done for this party, he should go to Ketu South, Asutifi-South, Chicago and NPP-USA to find out. John Boadu and his campaign must stop lying to the party delegates.

Richard Ahiagbah has been a party faithful since 1992. He has faithfully served his home constituency, Ketu South. He started as poster boy in Ketu South.
In 2012, Richard planned to bring campaign consultants to Ghana to support the NPP with field operations. John Boadu knows about this action by Richard Ahiagbah to help the party.

Again, in 2014, Richard Ahiagbah met with His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, then flagbearer of the NPP to discuss ways to ensure effective field operation to preempt the unfortunate event of 2012 in 2016. The President commissioned Richard Ahiagbah to put together a proposal for consideration. If John Boadu does not know about this, then he should ask or stop lying.

Richard Ahiagbah has made serious financial contributions to this party especially, his home constituency. If he John Boadu is unaware, then, he should ask or stop lying.

In 2012, while it mattered most, Richard Ahiagbah was available to support financially when the Vice President, then running mate, headlined a fundraiser in Alexandria Virginia in the USA. In attendance was Madam Adwoa Sarfoa, MP of Dome Kwabenya. If John Boadu is not aware, he should ask or lying. Again in 2016, Richard Ahiagbah was pivotal in organizing a fundraiser in Chicago which was headlined by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin Central.

Richard Ahiagbah was the communication director for NPP Chicago and advisor to the Chapter chairman, Patrick Antwi-Tawiah in the adoption and sponsorhip of Asutifi-South constituency in the Brong Ahafo Region. The hard working executives and members of Asutifi -South knows that Richard Ahiagbah is not a stranger. If indeed John Boadu was doing his work well, then he should have heard about Richard Ahiagbah because some of the fundings sent to Asutifi-South, was presented at the Party Headquarters.

The point has been made here so, if John Boadu didn’t know, now he knows that Richard Ahiagbah is a grassroots party person who has contributed immensely to the party since 1992.

Richard Ahiagbah is running a campaign to help address the concerns of suffering grassroots. Richard Ahiagbah’s message of grassroots hope and renewal is going down well with us, that’s is why we are strongly supporting. We believe in Richard Ahiagbah, because we buy into his vision of “moving the party forward by moving the grassroots forward. ”
John Boadu should tell us his vision, and stop can lying about Richard Ahiagbah and trying to by delegates with money.

This time we delegates are not going to fall for the fake display of money love, we want change, and Richard Ahiagbah is the change we want
Reject John Boadu and his fake generosity, where was all this money he is sharing now when the grassroots needs monies to make funeral donations on weekly basis. We cannot be tricked by John Boadu anymore…

Richard Ahiagbah is our hope, our next General Secretary, come July 7th, we shall vote for him massively.

The hour of grassroots attention is has come. All vote Richard Ahiagbah for General Secretary.

Long live the NPP

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