Anas Apologizes To Friends and Family,Says There Was No Other Way

Anas has apologized to all those who feel he has ruined the lived of families he ever exposed.

The investigative journalist says there is no other way to unveil corruption in Ghana than to unveil, name and jail corrupt persons.

Anas will be airing his investigative piece, ‘Number 12’ on June 6 Investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has responded to concerns raised over his style of journalism.

There are many who believe the undercover journalist lures and tempts his targets as a means of getting all the information he wants whenever he is on the ground working.

In fact, in the 5-minute video that was shown to the president, Anas posed as a football investor from Morrocco willing to pay a huge bribe before seeing the president.

It is this form of entrapment that many, including MP for Assin Central – Kennedy Agyapong – have found fault with.

Reacting to these concerns, Anas in an interaction with a group of journalists at the National Media Festival Organized by the Press Foundation in Accra, the journalist stated that everything he had done has been for the best interest of Ghana Touching on the pain he made families of his targets suffer, this is what Anas had to say:

“I know some of you are not happy because I’ve dealt with some of your relatives. I will apologize. I’m sorry. But it was necessary because the impact on the lives of other people cannot be measured. It could happen to anybody.”

Anas Aremeyaw Anas has been respected as the most feared investigative journalist in Africa.

Having used deep investigative skills to uncover grave cases of corruption in Ghana and across the African continent.

The investigative journalist uncovered so many corrupt practices from the Tema Ports, Judiciary, Police department and now the Ghana Football Association.

So many public officials are not happy at Anas especially when they believe he is not just encroaching on the privacy of people but also using unauthorized means to retrieve information.

There is no doubt that Anas feels unsafe. Just the fact that he covers his face with masks and beads and even visits places and conferences in heavy security is enough proof that the Tiger Eye journo is always unsafe.

So many powerful officials have stood against what Anas Aremeyaw has been doing.There is no denying the fact that so many people want to clear Anas off their path.

He is an investigative journalist and would do everything possible to get in his way and if possible annihilate him. It is for this reason that Anas would always have to watch his steps just so he does not risk losing everything he spent years building.


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